Sledge Hammer Hard Drive Eraser Extension for Hammer

Sledge Hammer Hard Drive Eraser Extension for Hammer


Each Sledge Hammer allows up to 8 drives to be subjected to the same rock-solid, NIST 800-88 compliant data eradication at one time. Up to 4 Sledge Hammer devices can be used with Hammer at one time. Up to 4 Sledge Hammer devices can be used with Hammer at one time.

All the great audit trail features which made Hammer a must-have for compliance are built-in to Sledge Hammer.

Adding Sledge Hammer to your data eradication toolkit not only allows for far more drives to be eradicated at one time, it extends and increases the value of your initial Hammer investment. Because CPR Tools believes that you should be in control of how your device can best operate for your own needs, Hammer may be updated as many times as you like.

Need to use one, two, three or four Sledge Hammer devices and work with up to 32 drives at once? Simple: Use the included CPR Flash utility to load Sledge Hammer Control firmware.

The best part is that this can be done as often as needed – in the field. This ability alone arguably makes Hammer and Sledge Hammer the most versatile and robust, compliant data eradication tools available today at any price.

Sledge Hammer is built to last with server class internal components. A great example is the internal 300W power supply. This component is capable of running 24/7 for months at a time without failure. Sledge Hammer is a work horse, meant to provide years of consistent, reliable performance.

  • Mix and Match: Connect All PATA, Mixed PATA/SATA, Sledge Hammers, etc… to Hammer. That’s up to 32 drives at once (with the purchase of 4 sledge hammers and a hammer). Sledge Hammer incorporates all the functionality of Hammer with some new and exciting features, like the ability to HOT SWAP hard drives. When one drive is finished you can remove the drive and put another in its place and start purging the new drive right away!

  • NIST Sanitization: Recommendations The National Institute of Standards and Technology has established new standards for electronic media sanitization which ranks Security Erase at the highest security level without rendering the media unusable. With Hammer, you can safely destroy data and re-deploy costly hardware. For more information on NIST Special Publication 800-00, visit


  • Works with the CPR Toolbox
  • Purge 8 drives per sledge hammer at one time
  • Meets NIST 800-88, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA & more
  • Complete audit trails
  • Portable for field use
  • Lock & unlock drives
  • Stores 16,000 records

    Product software updates are downloadable direct from the Web.

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