Clone HDDs or erase them utilizing the Secure Erase (NIST 800-88) command!

Hammerô Secure Erase Hard Drive Eraser

Available on GSA Contract GS-02F-0111P
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Hand-Held Device Purges Digital Data on Multiple Hard Drives Using Security Erase Command (NIST 800-88 4)

Hammer™ was designed by data recovery engineers as a one-step erasure tool. It erases all user data on up to 4 PATA/SATA hard drives simultaneously, thus preparing those drives for immediate redeployment.

Hammer™ enables Secure Erase (Security Erase), a command that purges digital data on up to four hard drives simultaneously, and multiple Hammers can be linked via USB hubs from a central workstation.

  • Hammer™ can be automatically configured to format the drives immediately after erasure.
  • Use Hammer™ to rollout new operating systems to multiple workstations.

    Data Purge and Clear Regulatory Compliance
    Hammer™ meets or exceeds data elimination requirements of:
  • NIST 800-88 'Purge' and 'Clear'
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • Patriot Act of 2002
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Various state laws
  • Hammer enables Secure Erase, the NSA compliant erase protocol that comes pre-installed by the manufacturer on many types of hard drives on the market today. However, if your drives do not have Secure Erase, then Hammer defaults to a secure one-pass overwrite program, BangDisk, which has been successfully and widely used by government organizations across the nation.

    Native ATA Secure Erase Support
    The Hammer™ reliably purges data from up to four hard drives at once. They can be put back into service immediately.

    Secure Erase is a Native Feature of Hammer™
    This ensures uninterrupted erasure of all data stored on the media. In the event an attached drive does not support the secure erase command, data will be completely overwritten by automatically calling up the embedded version of CPR Tools' award winning BangDisk™ utility. This ensures compliance with NIST 800-88 and 800-36 guidelines for data 'purging.'

    Over-Riding Interruptions
    If someone attempts to disconnect a drive from Hammer once Secure Erase has been initiated, the drive is locked. If power is cut to the unit, the drives will be locked. Once Secure Erase has been initiated, the drive is not usable until it completes the process. In the event the drive is connected to a host system before Secure Erase finishes, the host will not recognize the drive. Restarting the Hammer will complete the process after interruption.

    Simple Operation
    Hammer™ can be used with or without the companion software. Simply connect Hammer to a PC computer. Open the CPR Toolbox 5.0 software. Connect the drives to Hammer. Power up Hammer after all the connections have been made. The software will automatically recognize any Hammers connected to the system.

    CPR 5.0 Toolbox Companion Software
    Hammer™ can be used with or without the companion 5.0 CPR Toolbox software. The CPR Toolbox application simplifies and extends the functionality of Hammer™. CPR Toolbox requires Microsoft Windows XP (with Service Pack 2 installed). Within the CPR Toolbox, a powerful applet called ‘Control Panel’ may be used in conjunction with the device to perform a wealth of HDD and data functions, including:

    • Erase
    • Bang
    • MD5 Hash
    • Format
    • Non-intrusive HDD Diagnostics
    • Create, edit, delete Host Protected Area (HPA)
    • Options

    Screenshot of the CPR Toolbox Companion Software


    • Secure Erase
    • Pattern Erase
    • Auto Partitioning
    • Auto Formatting
    • NIST 800-88 Compliant
    • NIST 800-36 Compliant
    • SATA and PATA Interfaces
    • High Speed UDMA Transfers
    • Verify after complete
    • Portable
    • Handles up to 4 drives at one time
    • USB 2.0 Connectible
    • Multiple Hammers can be linked via USB to one computer
    • USB 2.0 for storing and printing verification logs
    • Drive Lock or Quick Lock
    • Standard One Year Warranty
    • Small, standalone device
    • Hand-held, portable and easy to setup
    • Easy to read menus
    • 16x2 backlit LCD screen
    • Native SATA & PATA Interfaces
    • Downloadable Software Updates
    • Optional Bluetooth printer


    Drive Interfaces: Parallel ATA (PATA) & Serial ATA (SATA)
    Host Interface: USB 2.0
    Max Transfer Rate: Up to 4.0 Gigabyte per minute
    Input Voltage: +12 VDC
    Max Input Current: 3.5 A
    Voltage Supplied to Drives: +12 VDC, +5 VDC
    Device Addressing Support: 28 bit and 48 bit supported
    Max Transfer Mode: UDMA Mode 4
    Supported Devices: ATA 4 through ATA 7
    Dimensions: 4.15" l x 1.41" h x 4.16" W
    Approx. Device Weight: 11 oz

    Main Menu Options

    Wiping Modes
    Secure Erase
    One Pass Pattern Overwrite

    User Configurable Options
    Secure Erase (E/D)
    Bang (E/D)
    Partition (E/D)
    Format (E/D)

    Included Accessories
    Drive Power Cables (2)
    PATA Cables (2)
    SATA Cables (2)
    AC Power Adapter
    CPR Toolbox Software CD

    Optional Accessories
    Hard Transportation Case
    PATA to SATA Adapter Cables (2)
    SATA to PATA Adapter Cables (2)
    Power Cables

    Extend Hammer ™ functionality by using specific hard drive adapters. Cloning or wiping dissimilar form factors easily with the following adapters:

    • 2.5" Adapter - cost $163.91
    • 1.8" Toshiba Adapter
    • 1.8" Hitachi Adapter
    • Compact Flash Adapter - cost $163.91
    • PCMCIA Adapter - cost $163.91

    Product software updates are downloadable direct from the Web.

    Please note that commercial shipping in the contiguous United States will be an additional charge. As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

    Price: $2,995.00