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Computer tape continues to be a primary means of computer data storage throughout the business world, a vital of backing up critical information. Data Devices International offers tape cleaners, certifiers, and inspectors – so you can find the ideal machine for your data center.

Tape back-up continues to be a requirement for storage of large quantities of data for every large computer site. New government and commercial requirements mean every company must continue to maintain increasingly larger quantities of emails, Internet communications, payroll and pension information, and financial information. This assures the continued expansion of tape storage equipment – and an increasing need for computer tape equipment, including tape duplicators, computer tape copiers, erasers, cleaners, testers and more.

Tape Equipment Saves You Money
Computer tape cartridges are expensive – particularly when you’re dealing with thousands of units. Why not invest in tape equipment that will save you money in the long run? Whether you are tired of spending thousands of dollars for new tape cartridges or must duplicate hundreds of tapes per year for off-site storage, you will save very substantial amounts of money in using our computer tape equipment.

When re-recording over a used tape, there is always the possibility that the re-record won’t be clean. Why risk compromising your data? With a computer tape eraser, you can wipe the data on the cartridge and re-use the tape. If you need to guarantee the tape cartridge is in excellent condition before re-recording or sending off-site for data housing, use a certifier or tape verification system to test the functionality of the tape before re-integrating it into your tape storage pool. Elimination of abends (read failure) in your computer operation will substantially improve overall system efficiency and save you thousands of dollars per year in both lost computer time and operator involvement.

For businesses with short-term needs or budgetary limitations, we also offer full lines of both rental and remanufactured equipment. Our remanufactured tape equipment comes standard with new machine warranties.

We also offer a full line of consumable supplies for our line of tape equipment.

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