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Hard drive data security has become a central focus in today’s high tech world. Our line of SCSI, IDE/PATA, SATA, laptop or SAS hard drive erasers offer a wide variety of solutions for IT departments and corporate data centers. With the rise in identity and corporate data theft, coupled with increasingly stringent laws on secure data disposal regulations, companies and organizations must be guaranteed their data is secure before disposing of a hard drive.

Hard drive erasers allow the hard drive to be reused after the data is wiped, unlike degaussers that completely destroy the hard drive’s magnetic storage capabilities. The hard drive erasers we supply meet DOD standards of data erasure. Our line of hard drive erasers and duplicators also supports solid state flash memory.

Do you need to analyze the content on a hard drive? We offer a complete line of forensic equipment to permit data acquisition and data analysis from any location. These portable computer labs help law enforcement agencies, corporate security departments, and homeland security inspectors and analysts.

For businesses with short-term needs or budgetary limitations, we offer both rental and remanufactured duplicators and erasers.

Data Devices also has a broad selection of hard drive eraser accessories, such as adapters and cases.

If you need to erase your hard drives and then dispose of them, take a look at our line of hard drive degaussers.

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