Cyberterrorism caused Data Devices to provide tools and services to serve the American government and corporations who need to protect their assets and information from cyberespionage and international and domestic cyberterrorism. We protect international organizations as well.

Our cutting-edge technologies have been developed by the best threat analysts and reverse engineers in the industry and our expert QA, support and managed services teams work together to help our customers significantly reduce time and cost for their incident response to today’s advanced threats. It’s our employees’ deep security expertise and commitment to excellence that gives us the competitive edge.

Today's threat actors persistently target enterprises with customized malware that easily bypass your anti-virus perimeter security solutions. Almost 80 percent of malware goes undetected. Blacklisting, whitelisting and other forms of traditional “threat intelligence” have proven inadequate to detect - and counter - advanced, unknown adversaries and targeted malware.

Security requires that your Enterprise continually get smarter – it must learn how the attackers work so it can get better at detecting – and countering – them.

We have extensive experience countering adaptive, persistent cyberadversaries. We provide your organization with advanced tools - from revolutionary advanced malware detection and analysis solutions to breakthrough incident response technologies - to gain the necessary threat intelligence to stay ahead of your adversary and get them out of your network – for good.

Learn more why Fortune 500 corporations, U.S. government agencies, financial institutions, healthcare companies, and hi-tech organizations and more have chosen Data Devices and its cyberware partner,HBGary.

We also offer DoD and NSA certified hard drive degaussers for those with maximum hard drive data security requirements.

For complete physical data security, please look at our line of physical hard drive destroyers.

If you need to erase your hard drives and redeploy or recycle them, take a look at our line of hard drive erasers.

We also carry a complete line of degaussing accessories.

Have questions about selecting the right cyber softwarae, hard drive degausser or physical destroyer? Call us! We're here to help!

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