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Destroyers and disintegrators provide a concrete means of secure disposal of sensitive information stored on paper, plastic cards, key tape, optical media (CDs, DVDs), solid state flash memory, solid state drives or hard disk drives.

Unlike techniques such as degaussing and erasing, hard drive destroyers provide physical evidence that the disk has been destroyed beyond recovery. Badges and IDs, key tape, paper, optical media and flash memory can be ground into pieces, which guarantees secure data disposal. Many users require and prefer this additional level of secure physical destruction that leaves tangible evidence – and eliminates the risk that your data is exposed.

Data Devices International offers a complete line of commercial and government destroyers for a variety of media, volumes and price points. Whether you have a small amount of media to destroy and small budget - or a large volume and large budget – we have a destroyer or disintegrator to meet your data security requirement.

Many of our government destroyers have a maximum security rating for users requiring NSA and DoD approval and are available on GSA contract

If you are looking to demagnetize or erase your hard drives, we provide both degaussers and hard drive erasers and duplicators.

If you have a scratched or damaged CD or DVD and would like to repair the disc so that it’s readable, check out our line of CD and DVD Disc Repair equipment.

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