FD 7100 Series:  High-Volume Modular Inserter (DISCONTINUED)

FD 7100 Series: High-Volume Modular Inserter (DISCONTINUED)

The GSA Delivered Price for The FD 7100 Basic 1 Model is $26,076.00
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The 7100 Series High Volume Modular Inserters create professional, high-quality mail pieces quickly. Its completely modular design supports a wide range of mailing applications, accommodates a large variety of envelope sizes and processes forms with top, middle and bottom address positions. With the flexibility to add up to 9 feed stations, the 7100 Series can accommodate virtually all of a company's mailing needs now and in the future.

Three basic models are available for "Turn-Key" use, or they can be expanded to meet changing user needs:

1. The FD 7100-Basic 1 with one sheet feeder and daily mail.
2. The FD 7100-Basic 3 with three sheet feeders and daily mail.
3. The FD 7100-Advanced 2 with a double insert feeder.

The Daily Mail mode for inserting stapled sets and Cascade Mode to link feeders offer operator efficiency and ease of use. These standard features and optional OMR and BCR, combined with intuitive design, make the 7100 Inserter Series a cost-effective investment for the office, production, and mail room environments.

The compact design, easy to load trays and intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly learn system setup and operation. Step-by-step control panel instructions guide operators through job programming and machine functions, with the capability to create up to 20 jobs to be stored for quicker processing of recurring or frequently processed applications. Efficiency and operator ease are further enhanced with convenient access to the paper path and the ability to load each feeder on the fly. These features combined offer operator efficiency and ease of use for mail processing. *

Standard Features:

  • Speed: Up to 4,500/hr
  • Modular 1 to 9 Feeders
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Automatic job setup
  • 20 programmable jobs
  • Sheet feeder capacity of up to 500 sheets
  • Envelope feeder capacity of up to 400 envelopes
  • Folds up to 8 sheets of paper (20lb)

Available Options:

  • Single Insert Feeder
  • Double Insert Feeder
  • Single Sheet Feeder (2 plate folder, nested only)
  • Accumulator - required for OMR/BCR or Multi-sheet feeding
  • Divert Tray redirects misfeeds or incomplete sets (requires Accumulator)
  • Envelope Output Conveyor
  • Barcode Recognition (BCR)
  • Cabinet Stands and Paper Jogger

Purchase Price$28,250.00
GSA Purchase price$26,076.00
Feed HoppersUp to 500 sheets 20# paper top tray, 250 sheets lower trays
SpeedUp to 4,500/hour #10 envelopes
Duty CycleUp to 150,000 pieces per month
Envelope Hopper
Up to 400 envelopes, top-loading
110 VAC (60 Hz)



130 inches

3302 mm


21 inches

533 mm


59 inches

1499 mm


715 lbs

324 kg

Government buyers please note: This unit is shipped CONUS free of charge. It cannot be shipped to APO addresses. If the unit is shipped overseas to a physical address, additional shipping charges may apply.

Please note that commercial shipping within the continental United States will be an additional charge. International shipping and non-continental domestic shipping rates vary, and a shipping quotation will be provided for your location upon receipt of purchase order.

Price: $28,250.00Sale price: $26,076.00