FD 6604 Series:  High-Volume Modular Desktop Inserters

FD 6604 Series: High-Volume Modular Desktop Inserters

The GSA Delivered Price for the FD 6604 Standard 2 is $31,304.00
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The versatile 6604 Series High Volume Modular Desktop Inserters adapts to every folding and inserting application. Models are available with 2 - 7 stations, offering the flexibility to meet your specific production requirements. A wide variety of input configurations includes a high-capacity document feeder for up to 725 sheets, 1 or 2 high-capacity production feeders, standard and special feeders, and short feed trays. The 6604 Inserter Series is capable of folding and inserting top, middle and bottom-address documents into top-flap envelopes.

Standard features include a large 10.4 reversable full-color touchscreen control panel, a vertical output stacker which can hold up to 500 filled envelopes, and a large top-loading envelope hopper with a capacity of up to 500 envelopes. The 6604 Inserter Series also includes a new energy-saving feature which automatically switches the inserter into standby mode after 1 hour of being idle.

Various levels of Barcode Recognition (BCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) features are available and incorporate new CIS scanning technology. This offers greater flexibility and productivity for all production runs. Additional options include a thin booklet feeder for up to 325 inserts, high-capacity output conveyor and envelope hopper for up to 1,000 envelopes each, side exit tray, cabinet and 402 Series Joggers.

Standard Features:

  • Speed: Up to 4,300/hr

  • "Dashboard":10.4" color touchscreen

  • Capacity:High-capacity stacker

  • Inserters:Inserts top/middle/bottom address documents

  • Programs:25 programmable jobs

  • Modular Design:Modular design with up to 7 feed stations

  • Energy Saving:Automatic standby mode saves electricity

  • Folding Capability:Folds up to 10 sheets of paper (Half-fold) and up to 8 sheets (Tri-fold)

Available Options:

  • Thin Booklet Feeder: Inserts pre-folded documents or booklets up to 2.5 mm thick

  • Production Feeder: 1 or 2, each feeds up to 1,200 sheets or 375 BREs

  • High Capacity Envelope Hopper: Holds up to 1,000 envelopes

  • High Capacity Output Conveyor: Holds up to 1,000 filled envelopes

  • Side Exit Tray: holds up to 500 filled envelopes

  • BCR Features:1D, 2D Data Matrix & Flex BCR

  • OMR Features:1-Track, 2-Track & Flex OMR

  • Accessories:Short Feed Trays, Cabinets, Joggers

Purchase Price$33,995.00
GSA Purchase Price$31,304.00
Feed Hopper CapacityUp to 325 sheets, 20# paper (each feeder)
SpeedUp to 4,300 pieces per hour, #10 envelopes
Duty CycleUp to 80,000 pieces per day
Envelope Hopper Capacity
Up to 500 envelopes, top-loading
100 VAC; 50/60Hz



63 inches

1600 mm


18 inches

457 mm


36 inches

914 mm


308 lbs

140 kg

Government buyers please note: This unit is shipped CONUS free of charge. It cannot be shipped to APO addresses. If the unit is shipped overseas to a physical address, additional shipping charges may apply.

Please note that commercial shipping within continental United States will be an additional charge. International shipping and non-continental domestic shipping rates vary, and a shipping quotation will be provided upon receipt of your purchase order.

Price: $33,995.00Sale price: $31,304.00