DestroyIT™ "2 IN 1" Hard Drive Degausser & Destroyer

DestroyIT™ "2 IN 1" Hard Drive Degausser & Destroyer

The DestroyIT™ "2 in 1" Hard Drive Degausser and Destroyer quickly and easily erases hard drives from computers, laptops, notebooks, printers, copiers and PDA's. Users then have the option of punching a hole completely through the drive, destroying it irreparably. One machine does it ALL!

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The DestroyIT™ "2 in 1" Hard Drive Degausser and Destroyer is made up of two complete units:

  • 1. The Degausser unit: This unit erases hard drives (laptop, desktop, and network up to 1 1⁄2" high) and high coercivity tape media, including all formats of LTO (1,2,3,4), Super DLT I and II, AIT, 3590 Series, 8 mm and more. The DestroyIT is fast, with a 60 second complete degaussing cycle time.

    It features high field strength of 8700 gauss and the all-encompassing machine magnetic field ensures data is completely erased and absolutely non-recoverable, regardless of operating system or interface. A prominent digital status indicator provides continuous magnetic field strength verification. There are no moving parts, so the extremely quiet operation is ideal for small office operation. The unit is rated for continuous operation, and no cooling or shutdown is necessary.

  • 2. The hard drive destroyer unit: This portion of the machine punches a hole completely through the hard drive. Suitable for 2 1⁄2" and 3 1⁄2" drives (single feed). The adjustable feed chute is made of high quality hardened steel. A handy slide lever enables the user to easily select the hard drive size. The punching die itself is made of hardened, nickel-plated steel.

    LEDs completely illuminate the feed chute during the punching process to enable visual verification by the operator. The slider mechanism for unloading the punching compartment permits destroyed hard drives to drop into a sturdy plastic bin to await proper and timely disposal. The quiet and powerful single phase motor is rated for continuous operation, so downtime for cooling is not required. This sturdy “twin drive system” with dust-proof gear box housing is UL listed / ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and CE certified.

    “SPS” (Safety Protection System) package:
    Safety is paramount in this machine. There is an electronically controlled, transparent safety shield in the HDP feed opening. An “Easy Switch” control element uses color codes and back-lit symbols to indicate operational status of the HDP. An automatic reverse on the punching die provides for jam protection. There is an automatic stop after punching and an automatic power cut-off when the collection bin is full and/or when cabinet door is opened. Double protection against overheating on the HDP is automatically provided.


    • The "2 in 1" Degausser/HDP both degausses and punches media
    • 60 Seconds Degauss cycle is fast and simple.
    • The 15 Seconds Punching cycle completes the destruction of the drive.
    • There is a 1 Year warranty on all parts, not including wearables
    • The very high quality wooden cabinet is mounted on casters for ease of movement.
    • An oversized collection bin makes proper disposal extremely easy.

    Step 1:Drop a used hard drive into the slide-out drawer on the degausser unit. Most drives up to 1.5" including full height, standard, and laptop drives are acceptable.

    Step 2: Close the drawer and the degaussing process automatically begins. Digital status indicator indicates that the drive is completely erase and may be removed.

    Step 3: Remove the hard drive from the degausser unit and place it in the HDP feed chute. Hit the start button and a hardened steel punching die is driven completely through the drive.

    Step 4: Use the slider lever to drop the destroyed drive into the sturdy collection bin to await proper disposal. A weight sensor will automatically shut down the machine when the bin is full.

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    * Please note that hard disk drives, 3570, 3570-B, 3570-C, 3570-C/XL, ADR30, ADR50, ADR120, AIT-1(S), AIT-5, DISK ZIP 100MB, DISK ZIP 250 MB, SLR, TR-4, TR-5, TR-7, 3590, 3590-E, 3590-H, 3592, LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, 9840, 9940, T-10000 cannot be reused after degaussing. We do offer erasers which will erase both kinds of media and permit them to be reused.
    * The following media tape and cartridges are too wide to be processed by this degausser: 9 track, BETACAM (Dig)(L), BETACAM (SP)(L), BETACAM SX (L), D-1 (1" x 14" Dia), D-2 (L), D-2 (M), D-3 (L), D-5 (L), D-6 (L), D-6 (M), DASV ADAT, Disk 8" floppy, DTF-2 (200,730), HDCAM (L), MPEG IMX (L), U-MATIC (large)

    Click here for a complete list of media that cannot be reused after degaussing.

    Purchase Price $9,999.00
    Magnetic Field 8,700 Oersted
    Degauss Cycle 60 Seconds
    Punch Cycle 15 Seconds


    115 V



    19.5 inches

    495.3 mm


    18.5 inches

    469.9 mm


    33.5 inches

    850.9 mm
    Unit Weight
    128 lbs
    55 kg
    Shipping Weight
    247 lbs
    112 kg

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  • Price: $9,999.00