Quiet desktop eraser for your digital video formats. No power required. Easy to use on location.

Erase-O-Matic 1 Digital Video Tape Degausser - No Power Required

The Erase-O-Matic 1 digital video tape degausser is patented and engineered to erase various forms of digital video tape, including DV, MiniDV, DVCPRO, DVCAM, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, and more. This low-cost degausser enables individuals or small businesses with small tape libraries to erase and recycle their digital video. It is powerful and quiet enough to use at your office desk, this unit utilizes the latest permanent magnet technology instead of electricity.

Customer Testimonials
"Your product came yesterday. This has to be one of the best investments I've EVER made in 30 years in business. It works wonderfully exactly as described. It takes a lot to impress me and I am REALLY impressed! Thanks again."
Mike Feldman
Video Experience, Buffalo Grove, Il.

"Amazing product. We used to use the hand held degaussers that would only last for about a minute before they burst into smoke. This product can be used continuously and without electricity which was huge for us as we practice "green" methods whenever possible. I've also noticed less digitization than before. I have recommended this product to our other sites and would recommend to anyone."
Media used: MiniDV

"Very pleased. I have looked (at) and owned several other types, which most small business cannot afford, required electricity and were very bulky and heavy. I found this one to be the best. Small portable, easy to use. Works first time every time !!!"
Rose V
Blaine, MN
Media used: DVCPRO

"I bought the Erase-O-Matic 1 Digital video Tape Degausser and just used it for the first time. As a film teacher that uses many, many, Mini-DV tapes, I wanted to be able to erase old DV & HD footage and reuse the tapes. One main reason is that once HD footage is recorded on a Mini DV, it will have problems being used in a DV camera, and the playback will be restricted whenever there is a pause in recording. I was very skeptical when buying this unit, I really did not think it would work. Man, was I wrong! Wow, I took a Mini-DV that had been used and abused with layers of video on it and pushed it through the Erase-O-Matic. I took the tape out, put it in the camera and it was blank! I tried it with HD footage, and bam! Works like a charm! It is very refreshing to buy something that really works and stands up to the claims of the company... Thank you, Data Devices!"
Steven Orsinelli
AAE Digital Film Instructor, Apple Valley, CA

Simple and Quiet Two-Pass Operation
Slide your tape cartridge through the slot opening of the degausser. Flip the cartridge over and slide it through again. Your tape is erased.

Mobile and Deployable: No External Power Required
The Erase-O-Matic degausser uses permanent magnets and is thus a stand-alone unit that does not require electrical power. It is fully deployable for on-site and emergency degaussing.

In order to maximize portability, we recommend purchasing this unit with this water-tight, rugged, companion portable transportation carrying case.

Reliable and Rugged: No Maintenance Required
As there are no moving or electrical parts that degrade with use, the Erase-O-Matic 1 Degausser for Computer Tape Media doesn't require routine maintenance. This unit is available for rental for $95.00 per week and comes shipped in a transportation case. If you decide to purchase it during the rental period, 100% of your rental fee will be applied to the purchase price.


  • Very Inexpensive Degausser for Digital Video
  • Simple Operation
  • Compact Table-Top Design
  • Continuous Operation
  • Deployable: No Power Required
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Safe, Rugged and Reliable

Media Erased

  • MiniDV
  • Digital Video, DV
  • Digital Betacam
  • Beta SP
  • DigiBeta
  • Digital-S, D-9
  • Beta SX
  • D-5 and D-1
  • Digital 8


* Please note that hard disk drives, 3590, and LTO cartridges cannot be reused after degaussing.
* DLT, SDLT, 3480, 3490, 3490e, Beta 60 and above, and DigiBeta 64 and above cartridges are too wide to be processed by this degausser.

Click here for a complete list of media that cannot be reused after degaussing.

Purchase Price $350.00
Rental Price $95.00 per week
Hard Carrying Case
Three Year Warranty $95.00
Gauss 5500
Erasure -90dB
Duty Cycle Continuous
Throughput Approx. 5 seconds per cartridge


No Power Required




139.7 mm



184 mm



73 mm


5 lbs

2.3 kg

Please note that commercial shipping in the contiguous United States is an additional charge. As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

Price: $350.00