MediaVise Compact HD Destroyer NSA Evaluated, CE Approved

MediaVise Compact HD Destroyer NSA Evaluated, CE Approved


GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V
GSA Contract Price $5,495.00 Delivered

Complies With GLB Act and HIPAA Mandates for Hard Drive Disposal. CE Approved.

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The Powerful New MediaVise Compact Hard Disk Drive Destroyer (NSA & DoD Evaluated) is a desktop sanitation solution that crushes, mangles, renders unreadable, and destroys hard disk drives and personal information devices in order to ensure the information contained is no longer accessible. This machine was specifically designed to meet NSA criteria for physical computer hard drive destruction, and it has been evaluated by NSA and DoD for hard drive destruction.

Crimes involving stolen information, identity theft, hacking of sensitive government information, theft of medical and legal records, data piracy, industrial espionage, and fraud have exploded to epidemic proportions More than 11 million identities were stolen in 2009, resulting in financial losses of Billion of Dollars in losses, damages, and lost productivity. The Patented MediaVise Compact will protect you completely!

Computer hard disk drives and personal information devices hold an inordinate and increasing amount of sensitive and personal information, and they continue to spell financial devastation for individuals, companies, financial institutions, government organizations, military installations, and credit card processors. The MediaVise Compact Destroyer completely destroys all 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives regardless of their size, format or type, including desktop and laptop drives (Maximum Feed Opening is 5.75" x 4.0" x 1.25"). It easily destroys cell phones, PDAs, Pagers, circuit boards, and machine electronics with confidential information self-contained (think social networking).

At the touch of a button, the MediaVise Compact patented* crushing plates deliver a staggering 40,000 pounds of force per square inch to the vulnerable platters, PC boards, and read heads of the drive to completely destroy the internal platter and all the electronics. The entire process is completely automatic and meets government specifications for Data Destruction. The unit is quiet, smooth, safe, and virtually vibration free--best of all, it plugs into a normal wall socket for office use.

The powerful MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer automatically crushes, bends, breaks and mangles the hard drive - including the data platters upon which data is stored and the heads which record the information. Complete physical drive destruction prevents the drive from being able to "spin" up, thus the data cannot be retrieved. Once the Hard Drive is completely destroyed by the MediaVise, the data will no longer be retrievable.

The destruction process completely changes the hard disk drive physically in less than 30 seconds. Drives that have been physically destroyed are easy to separate out for disposal. The powerful 40,000 psi MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer physically breaks the hard disk into pieces--unlike other destroyers which only bend the platter. You can be certain that no readable drives will be accidentally released from the premesis.

The patented* MediaVise Compact Destroyer is the most operator friendly destroyer available. The operator only needs to drop the drive into the feed slot, and the machine automatically inserts the drive into the crushing mechanism. When the drive has been completely destroyed, it drops into the crushed receptacle for disposal. The machine features completely automatic, hands-off operation. Safety is paramount, and the lock-out doors assure that the machine will not engage unless the doors are completely closed. This prevents hands or pieces of clothing from being caught in the crushing chamber. Everything is completely automatic.

The machine is covered by a free one year warranty. A two year extended warranty for this machine is available at a cost of $895.00 and a three year extended warranty is $1,695.00, when ordered with the machine.
The MediaVise Compact has been evaluated by NSA as a patented, top secret hard drive destruction machine. It is the only hard drive destroyer evaluated by NSA and DoD.

*The MediaVise is covered by patent numbers 7,975,950 and 20,100,276,524


  • Destruction--Data cannot be recovered after processing in the MediaVise Compact HDD
  • Totally automatic--simple, one-button, hands-free operation
  • Completely Safe--Designed with lock-out doors to prevent hands or pieces of clothing from being caught
  • Compact and Portable--machine can be deployed on a desktop, table, or rack in an office environment
  • EPL List--On the National Security Administration's (NSA) Evaluated Products List (EPL)
  • NSA & DoD Evaluated--Designed to meet NSA and DoD top security specifications and requirements


  • CE Approved
  • Guaranteed Physical Data Security--Completely Physically Destroys Hard Disk Drives
  • Fast--Rapid 30 Second Cycle Time destroys 120 drives per hour
  • Powerful--Patented crushing plates deliver 40,000 pounds of force to the well protected platters, internal electronics, and read heads
  • Complete Destruction--Media is crushed, mangled, and completely unreadable
  • Debris collection--bin permits effortless disposal of discard drive
  • No Parts Replacement--Plates never need replacing and no blades require replacing or sharpening
  • Completely Safe--Designed with lock-out doors to prevent hands or pieces of clothing to be caught
  • Disposal--Hard Drives Ready for Disposal are easily identified visually.

Purchase Price


GSA Purchase Price


1 Year Extended Warranty


Transportation Case


Destroy Speed

120 per hour

Media Destroyed

SATA, PATA, SCSI, Fiber Channel, and Notebook/Laptop Hard Drives: All formats and types. Cell Phones, PDAs and all other electronics (max size: 4" to 1.25" to 5.75").


16" x 22.5" x 9.75"

Operating Time

less than 30 sec. per drive


120 VAC; 60 Hz (USA); 13A:
240 VAC; 50 Hz; 7Amps (Overseas)



9.75 inches

248 mm


22.5 inches

571 mm


16 inches

406 mm


132 lbs

60 kg

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Price: $5,995.00Sale price: $5,495.00