MX2-N NSA Motorized and Manual Hard Drive Destroyer

MX2-N NSA Motorized and Manual Hard Drive Destroyer

The Model MX2-N NSA evaluated Manual & Motor Operated Hard Drive Destroyer has been introduced for larger facilities requiring very high volume operations. The MX2-N Hard Drive Destroyer has a motor module mounted to the bottom of the MHDD destroyer, so it can be used as either an electric unit or it can be used entirely without electricity. This emergency operating feature makes it indispensable for High Security Operations. The machine is extremely fast and designed for the destruction of all standard hard drives. It is extremely flexible and can be used manually when the electricity source is unavailable.

This small heavy-duty destroyer is virtually maintenance free and completely self-contained. There are no messy fluids or external components to deal with and no adjustments or calibration necessary. It can be shipped anywhere on earth to completely destroy hard drives without any access to electricity, when required.

The MX2-N Hard Drive Destroyer enables the operator to work hands free. Simply insert the hard drive into the machine and the sensors tell the destroyer to begin operation. It completes a destruction cycle every 10 seconds. If power is ever interrupted, then the operator has the manual operated hand crank to continue. No interruption or setup is required; simply insert the crank handle and continue operation--this flexible feature is not available on any competitive machine.


  • Extremely Rugged Design-can be used with or without electricity
  • NSA evaluated for the destruction of hard drives
  • NO POWER Required in emergencies
  • Designed for Rapid Emergency & Normal Destruction of Hard Drives
  • Fast Destruction: 10 seconds or less To destroy a hard disk drive
  • Easy Hand Crank Operation included for all Models
  • Can be securely mounted to any flat surface
  • Easily Transportable and Quickly Deployed
  • Universal Mounting Kit Option Available
  • Battery Backup for remote locations

In commercial applications the MX-2 is an inexpensive alternative to expensive power-driven destroyers, shredders and degaussers. The MX-2 is designed to require a minimal amount of manual power to crank the handle, making it extremely operator friendly.

In typical national security operation, a destroyer would be used in conjunction with a degausser (media eraser). However in emergency situations this may not be possible. In this case destruction by rapid and reliable means to ensure that the information is irretrievable is top priority. If the power goes out or if the plane must land in enemy territory or if the embassy is under siege - any of these or other emergency situations may require the immediate destruction of stored information.

Government specifications require that in an emergency situation a hard drive needs to be destroyed so that a person or persons can not spin up the drive. This must be done quickly and reliably. The MX-2 meets this requirement. It takes less than 10 seconds to destroy each hard drive. All the operator needs to do is insert the appropriate drive height adapter (as required), insert the hard drive into the slot and crank the handle eight rotations. The internal workings of the unit press down on the drive, bending it approximately 90 degrees. Then the MHDD pushes the destroyed hard drive out for easy disposal. To keep the speed at an optimum, the MHDD does not require the handle to be cranked backwards to reset the "bender". It resets automatically, permitting the operator to turn the handle in only one direction.

The operation renders the hard drive useless by bending the platter, damaging the heads, motor and circuit board.

A ratcheting feature is also included that makes it even easier to destroy unusually hard to break hard drives or if a high quantity of drives need to be processed.

Media Destroyed: All standard (1-inch, .65-inch, 1.65-inch, and 1.8-inch) and laptop hard drives
Manual Operator Exertion for Typical Commercial Drives (1-inch): Approx. 4 lbs. exertion
Hardened (Heavy Shielded) (1-inch): Approx. 12 lbs. exertion
Power Supply (With Motor Option): 100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Specify Voltage When Ordering)
Operating Time: Ten Seconds or Less Per Drive
Destruction Method: Bends Platter, Damages Heads, Motor and Circuit Board
Physical Dimensions-MHDD: 7.25" W (13" w/ handle) x 9.25" D x 16" H
Weight: Approx. 59 lbs. (Shipping Weight 70 pounds)
Maintenance: Occasional Vacuuming of Internal Housing Required
Warranty: 1 Year Standard


  • Optional 1 Year Extended Warranty ($625.00)
  • LTH: Laptop Drive Option with Holder ($195.00)
  • BAT: Universal Power Option ($1295.00)
  • EBP: External Battery Pack ($395)
  • CHG: Battery Charger for EBP option ($95)
  • ROS: Rear Output Slide Option($695.00)
  • ATR: Autoloader & Slide with Rear Output($2695.00)
  • RCC: Remote Control Communication($295.00)
  • Transport Case ($595.00)
  • EIA: Rackmount Shelf (19-Inch EIA Slide-Out Shelf)(For Racks 19 to 28 Inches Deep) (+$425.00)
  • MNT: Universal Screw-Down Mounting Kit ($145.00)
  • 1 Year Extended Warranty: 2 Years Total ($625.00)
  • 2 Year Extended Warranty: 3 Years Total ($1250.00)

Purchase Price $5,395.00
GSA Purchase Price $4,695.00
Optional 1 Year Extended Warranty $625.00
Duty Cycle 10 seconds or less per drive
Throughput Approx. 350 per hour



7.25 inches;
13 inches
With Handle

178 mm


11.625 inches

295 mm


21 inches

533 mm


59 pounds

27 kg

Shipping Weight

78 pounds

35 Kg.

As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

Price: $5,695.00Sale price: $4,995.00