MediaVise Multi-Purpose SSD Destroyer (CE Approved)

MediaVise Multi-Purpose SSD Destroyer (CE Approved)


Complies With GLB Act and HIPAA Mandates for Hard Drive Disposal. CE Approved.

This is a Special Order machine and cannot be returned for any reason.

The Powerful MediaVise Multi-Purpose SSD Destroyer is a desktop sanitation solution that crushes, mangles, renders unreadable, and destroys solid state drives to ensure the information contained is no longer accessible. SSD drives are quickly becoming a major factor in data piracy with over a half a billion SSDs expected to ship to enterprise and consumer markets within the next few years.

The MediaVise SSD Destroyer destroys all SSD drives that can fit into the maximum feed opening of 5.75" x 4" x 1.25". Destruction takes about 30 seconds. There is a debris collection bin which allows for effortless disposal.

**This unit can also destroy magnetic hard drives however, its primary function is to destroy SSD**


  • CE Approved
  • Crushing plates deliver 40,000 lbs. of destructive force to the entire surface of the SSD
  • Flash memory chips inside the SSD are crushed and destroyed beyond repair, rendering the SSD completely unreadable
  • Destruction takes 30 seconds
  • Debris collection bin allows for effortless disposal
  • Environmentall friendly, waste is recyclable

Purchase Price


1 Year Extended Warranty


Transportation Case


Media Destroyed

Solid state drives and circuit boards (max size: 5.75" to 4" to 1.25").

Operating Time

30 sec. per drive


120 VAC; 60 Hz (USA)
208-240 VAC; 50 Hz (Overseas)



12 inches

305 mm


19 inches

483 mm


25 inches

635 mm


160 lbs

73 kg

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