SDD-Master Continuous Duty Hard Drive Degausser (NSA Evaluated)

SDD-Master Continuous Duty Hard Drive Degausser (NSA Evaluated)

Available on GSA Contract: GS-02F-0093V
GSA Price $16,495.00 Delivered



Now on the NSA Evaluated Degausser Product List NSA/CSS EPL-9-12A-E

The SDD-Master Continuous Duty Degausser for Computer Hard Drives and High Oersted Media is an NSA Evaluated extremely high energy Hard Disk Drive degausser designed to offer complete and secure erasure of the latest magnetic media, including both longitudinal and perpendicular recording hard drives. The SDD-Master Degausser is also capable of erasing high-oersted data storage media, including DLT, S-DLT, Travan, LTO-3, LTO-4, 8mm, DDS and other hard to erase magnetic media.

The SDD Degausser comes standard with remote control electronics for complete operator safety--the operator can be located several feet from the machine during operation (even in the next room). This is the only NSA Evaluated degausser available with safety priorities to permit hard drives to be degaussed by remote control operation.

Data Destruction Auditor and Barcode Scanner
When a proof of erasure verification report is required simply connect a PC or Laptop to the degausser and open the logging program. Click on the "Find Machine" button and all the unit details are automatically entered into the log including model, serial number and firmware version. Further data regarding operator, customer and media is then entered via keyboard (or optional barcode scanner).

The Hard Drive or Tape is placed in the tray and the operator clicks the "Destroy" button on the screen which starts the degaussing process. The lower portion of the screen now shows all the details of the erasure including date, time, Media Serial number, Capacitor Voltage, Magnetic Gauss Field and confirmation that the media was degaussed successfully. If this data is highlighted and the print button pressed all the details on the screen along with all the data entered will be printed as a report. As new media is erased the details will be added to the Media Processed Log in the lower half of the screen. By highlighting erase records, the logs of one or more can be printed as required.

There is a Supervisor Section in the software which is Password protected. This allows the Supervisor to decide which fields are required and which fields must be completed by the Operator. The log record is stored in the PC and can be archived at any time or exported as a .csv file.

The SDD-Master generates one of the strongest erasure fields of any degausser on the market, with a maximum gauss rating of 22,000 gauss. Where security is of the utmost importance, users can quickly sanitize their media without the need for disassembly. This remote-controlled NSA Evaluated Degausser is the standard for the industry.

It runs continuously and does not require a cool down period between degaussing cycles. The heavy-duty ruggedized construction and remote control offer the maximum in machine efficiency and user safety.

The SDD-Master is a bench-mounted, chamber degausser that enables fast, safe and simple operation. No special operational training is required. Operators simply lift the perspex lid and insert the media into the caddie. Upon closing the lid, the operator begins the degaussing process by pressing the ‘start’ button via the control panel or remote control. The media is transported into the degausser where the magnetic field is activated by a powerful pulse discharge. While inside the degausser, the media is automatically rotated and a further two magnetic discharges are applied, ensuring complete erasure. The entire process takes just 60 seconds. The processor-controlled SDD-Master continuously monitors operation, ensuring that the erasure cycle is completed. The operator is immediately alerted to any interruptions in the erasure cycle on the LCD control panel.

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  • Now includes Data Destruction Auditor and Barcode Scanner!
  • Top-Rated Hard Drive Degausser-22,000 maximum gauss
  • Complete Erasure of Hard Drives and Other High Oersted Media
  • NSA Evaluated as Effective on Longitudinal & Perpendicular Hard Drives
  • Simple, One-Pass Automatic Operation completed safely in only 60 seconds
  • Processor Controllers Deliver Failsafe Erasure Every Time
  • Continuous Duty provides 24/7 operation
  • Remote Control Operation provides superior operator safety features
  • Processes all Computer Hard Drives-Maximum Drive Dimensions of 4” x 1” x 5.8” (WxHxD)


  • Data processing departments meeting government security requirements
  • Hard disk drive erasure specialists requiring NSA Evaluated Equipment
  • Fortune 500 companies with major government security obligations
  • ALL Military security departments who need NSA Evaluated Degaussers
  • Government organizations required to meet current Secret Requirements
  • Financial and banking institutions meeting governmenT security laws
  • Satellite communication facilities with top secret clearance requirements

Media Erased

  • Longitudinal and Perpendicular 2.5” & 3.5” Computer Hard Drives With Maximum Physical Dimensions of 4” x 1” x 5.8” (WxHxD)
  • DLT, S-DLT
  • LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, and LTO-5 Ultrium tape cartridges
  • 3480, 3490, 3490e tape cartridges
  • 3590 and 3592 tape cartridges
  • 9840 and 9940tape cartridges
  • T9940 tape
  • Ultrium & Redwood SD-3 tape cartridges
  • Mammoth 1 & 2
  • 8mm
  • AIT1 & 2
  • M2 tape
  • DDS 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • DD-2
  • DFT-1 & 2

* Please note that hard disk drives, 3570, 3570-B, 3570-C, 3570-C/XL, ADR30, ADR50, ADR120, AIT-1(S), AIT-5, DISK ZIP 100MB, DISK ZIP 250 MB, SLR, TR-4, TR-5, TR-7, 3590, 3590-E, 3590-H, 3592, LTO-1, LTO-2, LTO-3, LTO-4, 9840, 9940, T-10000 cannot be reused after degaussing. We do offer erasers which will erase both kinds of media and permit them to be reused.
* The following media cartridges are too wide to be processed by this degausser: 9 track, BETACAM (Dig)(L), BETACAM (SP)(L), BETACAM SX (L), D-1 (1" x 14" Dia), D-2 (L), D-2 (M), D-3 (L), D-5 (L), D-6 (L), D-6 (M), DASV ADAT, Disk 8" floppy, DTF-2 (200,730), HDCAM (L), MPEG IMX (L), U-MATIC (large)

Click here for a complete list of media that cannot be reused after degaussing.


  • Extended 3 Factory Warranty ($1,897.00)

Purchase Price $18,975.00
GSA Purchase Price $16,495.00
3 Year;
Optional Extended Warranty $1,897.00 per year
Gauss 22,000 maximum; 17,750 minimum
Erasure -90 dB
Duty Cycle Continuous
Cycle Time 60 seconds
Throughput 40 units per hour


115 VAC; 60 Hz (USA)
230 VAC; 50 Hz (Overseas)



24.4 inches

620 mm


26.5 inches

672 mm


34.8 inches

884 mm


328.5 lbs

149 kg

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Price: $18,975.00Sale price: $16,495.00