Rental unit for erasing LTO-1, DLT, SDLT, video and audio tape!

MDS-5 High Energy Degausser (Rental)

Rental Units

The MDS-5 is a lightweight, low cost, table-top model that provides 100% erasure on a variety of magnetic media, including the following: DLT tape, including Super DLT 1; Beta SP and many forms of digital video tape; and 3480, 3490 and 3490e cartridges.

This unit rents for $200.00 per week or $400.00 per month. Shipping is an additional charge. You may also rent the "Turn-A-Drive" Carrier at a cost of $95.00.

This unit is available remanufactured for $1399.00. Remanufactured units have been made 'like new' by the factory, and come with a new machine warranty.

For complete MDS-5 product specifications, click here.

Rental units are subject to availability.

Price: $400.00Sale price: $200.00