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HD-1 Professional Degausser (Rental)

Rental Units

The HD-1 Professional Degausser is specifically designed to erase higher coercivity media, such as many forms of metal particle tape (DLT and LTO tape).

This unit rents for $300.00 per week or $500.00 per month, plus shipping.

If you are going to erase PC hard drives with this machine, we recommend renting this unit with the TURN-A-DRIVE CARRIER, the hard drive carrier. Simply place your hard drive in the carrier, turn the drive 360 degrees, flip it over, repeat, and your drive is completely erased. The Carrier reduces noise and operator discomfort, as the drives can get very hot while being degaussed. The Carrier rents for $95.00.

This unit is also available remanufactured for $1999.00. These units have been made 'like new' by the factory, and come with a new machine one year warranty.

Price: $500.00Sale price: $300.00