TapeChek 480 Inspector/Cleaner (Remanufactured)

TapeChek 480 Inspector/Cleaner (Remanufactured)

Cleans - Polishes - Tensions - Rewinds - Identifies Damage

The TapeChek 480 VHS and S-VHS Detector Cleaner is a VHS cassette analyzer which employs a comprehensive tape information analysis and display technology. The machine cleans and polishes your VHS tape, identifies all of the problem areas on the tape, divides them into several problem categories, and reports the numbers and locations of the problem areas. The analysis can be printed out and stored with the tape itself or in the usage management control system.

The sophisticated software records and displays the following problem information:

1. Number of Defects
2. Length of tape in minutes
3. Number of damaged sections in 15 minute segments
4. Number of damaged sections in Control, Video, and Audio tape areas
5. Type of each damaged area (Control, Video, Audio)
6. Exact location of each area (in minutes and seconds)
7. Machine diagnostics
8. Operating instructions

The cleaning and burnishing system extends the useful life of your tapes. It improves tape viewing quality and reduces VCR maintenance requirements. The sophisticated software detection system permits repair or replacement of tapes which provide inadequate viewing quality. This is the finest VHS tape quality equipment available. The printer permits recording of the tape quality of every VHS cassette. We have a remanufactured TapeChek 480 model which is available for rent at $400.00 per week or $800.00 per month, and refurbished TapeChek 480 machines are available for sale at $3,995.00.

Loose oxide, dust and dirt on the tape causes distracting dropouts in both video and audio…and leads to shorter tape life
Videotape is cleaned and polished to "like-new" condition. With TapeChek, you can maintain the quality of your tapes for years to come.


  • CLEANS - A specially formulated cleaning tissue gently wipes away dirt and other debris from the tape. This eliminates temporary dropouts and helps to keep VCRs clean.
  • POLISHES - Sapphire burnishing blades remove loose oxide, the number one cause of dropouts. Tape surface is polished for improved performance.
  • FINDS DAMAGE - The opto-electronic detection system locates edge damage, wrinkles, and creases in the tape without erasure.
  • SIMPLE TO OPERATE - Tapes are cleaned, inspected for damage, and rewound automatically
  • FAST - A two hour video cassette can be inspected, cleaned and rewound in less than two minutes
  • EASY TO USE - The programmable "A-B-C" indicators provide direct grading of the condition of the tape
  • CONVENIENT - A front-loading mechanism is easy to use and automatically ejects the tape after the inspection and cleaning cycle is finished
  • SAFE - The microprocessor electronics control speed and tension for safe, gentle tape handling. The material on the tape is not affected in any way by this processing.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TAPE INFORMATION DISPLAY - These provide four reports of defect data and tape length, plus diagnostics and setup information (Display 1-5)
  • DATA ENTRY KEYPAD - permits entry of date, tape and operator number for printed reports
  • PRINTER OUTPUT - provides reports of tape condition and damage locations. You can use one of your printers or purchase one of ours.
  • ERASE STATION - permits you to erase your tapes to like-new condition at the press of a button. There is a safety interlock to prevent accidental erasure.
  • ERASE OPTION - lets you erase tapes before reusing them for other applications.


  • VIDEO RENTAL STORES: When prices and selection are about equal…quality makes the difference! With TapeChek, you can extend the useful rental life of your tapes many times. Eliminate complaints and refunds. Check your new tapes before the warranty expires. Since half of all customer tape complaints are really problems with their VCR's, TapeChek separates good tapes from bad ones.
  • CORPORATE PUBLICITY AND TRAINING: Any tape can be dirty or damaged. Don't let excessive dropouts or tape problems interfere with your presentation. Stop wasting time and money! Clean and inspect your tapes before you use them. TapeChek makes your tapes look good…so you look good.
  • EDUCATIONAL MEDIA CENTERS: Extend the useful life of your tapes. Provide your students and teachers with an extra margin of quality. Circulate clean tapes. Inspect the quality of tapes. Why spend hours tediously viewing tapes to find the damaged ones? TapeChek does it for you quickly and automatically.
  • PUBLIC LIBRARIES: Give your patrons the quality they deserve. Extend the useful life of your tapes. Add new titles rather than replacements. Be confident you are circulating only good tapes. Verify customer complaints immediately. Know which tapes are damaged and remove them from circulation. TapeChek is fast and simple to operate….just insert the cassette and press a button.


  • DEFECT SEARCH OPTION - after inspection, at the press of a button, TapeChek will fast forward to each damaged section in turn, so you can visually inspect the tape damage.
  • COMPUTER DATA OPTION - We add a RS-232C computer port that permits you to connect the TapeChek machine to an external computer. Defect data can be displayed, accumulated and stored on your hard disk drive for analysis.
  • CCD DEFECT DETECTOR OPTION - 64 multiple Charged-Coupled Device detector elements scan the tape virtually edge-to-edge at over 3,000 times per second. They locate transverse wrinkles, creases, edge damage and longitudinal creases.

Optional Supplies:

  • Dust Cover
  • Cleaning Tissue
  • Burnishing Post
  • Inspection Report Cards
Purchase Price $4,995.00
3 Year Lease Price $300 per month
Shipping $125
Process Time 3 min/cartridge
Throughput 20 VHS per hour
Drive Speed 45x Play Speed
Display Format 6 displays



20 inches

50 cm


18 inches

45 cm


8.5 inches

21 cm


40 lbs

18.5 kg


115 VAC; 60Hz
Note: 220 VAC; 50Hz Not Available

Please note that shipping in the contiguous United States will be an additional charge of $125.00. The machine is not available for international shipping or non-contiguous domestic shipping.

Price: $4,995.00