STAR 3590 Automatic Autoload Cartridge Cleaner/Inspector (Remanufactured)

STAR 3590 Automatic Autoload Cartridge Cleaner/Inspector (Remanufactured)

The STAR 3590 Cartridge Cleaner is the first machine of its type that cleans, inspects, and retensions 3590 magnetic data cartridges. It accepts all 1/2" data cartridges that are compatible with the IBM Magstar System. The Extended Length software option permits the machine to process both regular and extended length tape cartridges, even when both are in the magazine at the same time.

A full air-bearing tape path is incorporated, duplicating the user's IBM compatible drive, as well as an autoload capacity of ten 3590 cartridges. A vacuum-assisted blade is utilized for cleaning the oxide surface of the tape, and two automatic tissue stations clean both the oxide and back surfaces.

The machine is fast enough to clean ten tape cartridges unattended in less than 30 minutes. Each 3590 cartridge is individually inserted and supported in a 10-cartridge magazine. One magazine is provided with each 3590 Cartridge Cleaner. A second magazine can be purchased for $600.00 that allows one magazine to be processed while the second magazine is being loaded and unloaded. Cartridges can be safely and efficiently pre-staged for processing.

Hydrostatic air bearings are used to minimize tape contact and friction, while microprocessor-controlled tension tranducers provide accurate winding and tensioning. The basic machine processes all 3590 tape cartridges. A software option is available to permit the machine to process both 3590 and 3590 Extended Length tape cartridges for $1,000.00, even when placed in the same cleaning magazine.

One of the machine's important optional features is the optical defect detector, which provides detection and recording of physical tape imperfections such as wrinkles, edge scratches, oxide voids, shedding oxide, or any anomaly on the oxide surface .0025" or larger. Live tapes can be cleaned with absolutely no loss of data. Problem tapes can be eliminated prior to mounting them on the computer. The cost of this option is $1,000.00. The machine also incorporates programmable short tape detection and features automatic error recovery.

This unit also records the number and location of physical defects on the tape, using an LED digital display. The defect results can also be printed by attaching any Epson-compatible printer (the software comes standard with the machine). The summary report on the physical defects includes tape length, short tape condition, and location of optical scanning errors.

The power on this unit is an optional 115 VAC; 60 Hz or 220 VAC; 50 Hz with a current of 2 amps. There is an additional cost of $995.00 for the 220-240 VAC; 50 HZ power requirement.

The 3590 Autoload Cleaner is available as a remanufactured machine, with a new machine warranty, at a price of $14,995.00. The optional physical detector is available at a cost of $1,000.00.

A one year on-site maintenance contract is available at a cost of $4,900.00 per year. A one-year depot repair maintenance contract is available at a cost of $3,500.00 per year.

The 3590 Autoload Magnetic Cartridge Cleaner is available for rental for $1,495.00 per month plus shipping costs. Rental units come with the physical defect detector included.


  • Handles both 3590 and 3590 extended length tape cartridges
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Vacuum-assisted blade cleaning and Dual-tissue cleaning
  • Visual display indicates need for blade and tissue replacement
  • 16 character operator display
  • Easily changed blade and tissues
  • Fast enough to clean ten tapes in under half an hour
  • Programmable short tape detection
  • Automatic tape retensioning
  • Air-bearing drive
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Static eliminator


  • Large end users
  • Government
  • Military
  • Data processing departments
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Media reprocessors
  • Media archive organizations 

Media Cleaned:

  • IBM 3590 and IBM 3590 extended length cartridges

Purchase Price,
New Unit
Monthly Rental Price $2,995.00
Physical Defect
Process Time 1.9 minutes
per cartridge
Throughput 20 tapes per hour
Drive Speed 118.2 ips

Dimensions With Autoloader


19 inches

483 mm


29 inches

736 mm


8 inches

203 mm


80 lbs

36.4 kg


115 VAC; 60Hz
220 VAC; 50Hz
100 VAC; 50/60 Hz
2 amps

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Price: $14,995.00
Warranty and Maintenance