Model Super USB7 - 1 to 7  USB PowerTower Duplicator

Model Super USB7 - 1 to 7 USB PowerTower Duplicator

Available on GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V
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The Data Devices Model Super USB7 - 1 to 7 USB Duplicator conveniently copies portable USB storage drives without a computer. The duplicator features advanced asynchronous duplication. No waiting and no interruption is experienced by the operator as each channel can independently load, unload, and copy the USB storage drive.

The Model Super USB7 Duplicator provides very low-cost storage drive duplication capability for every computer site, no matter how small or how rarely duplication is required. This inexpensive and completely reliable duplicator is on-call for every duplication assignment. It provides a bit-by-bit comparison of master drive with target drives.

This new Super USB7 Duplicator features user friendly four key control with LCD, high speed duplication, and bit-by-bit duplication. The automatic "Compare" feature permits the operator to confirm that each copy is completely and successfully duplicated. The unique source analysis intelligently copies only data content to target drives.

The Model Super USB7 Duplicator is reliable, affordable, and convenient. Each channel independently loads, unloads, and copies data to targets. It is the best companion machine for every USB storage drive requirement and it guarantees that the proper duplication machine is available for every user requirement.


  • Copy & Compare up to 7 flash drive targets
  • One master copies 7 target drives
  • Stand-alone (no PC required)
  • Up to 2 Gb/minute data transfer rate per channel
  • No warm-up or cool down
  • Unique Source Analysis-Intelligently copies only data content to targets
  • Backlit LCD Menu Screen shows detailed information
  • Supports all file formats, file size, and drive capacity
  • Supports Synchronous and Asyschronous Copy Modes
  • High Speed Copy up to 10 Mb/second
  • Heavy-duty construction design permits daily operation
  • Bit-by-bit comparison of master drive with targets


No warm up or Cool down needed.
System Memory: 256MB
Operating Temperature: 5 degrees - 55 degrees C
Relative Humidity: 20% - 60% non-condensing
Net Weight: 10 lbs
Overall Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 15 (USB7)
Universal Auto-Switching input voltage  


  • Small computer sites must copy data to USB drives for company computers on-site
  • Small corporations must copy reliable data for all computers
  • Government and military sites must copy proprietary or confidential information before shipping drives to remote locations

Purchase Price-USB7 $1,099.00
Warranty One year
Optional 1 Year Extended Warranty $195.00
Duty Cycle Speeds exceeding 10 Mb per second

Dimensions - USB7


7 inches

178 mm


15 inches

381 mm


7 inches

178 mm


10 lbs

4.5 kg

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Price: $1,099.00Sale price: $749.00