ShredStar MultiShred Desktop Cross-Cut Light-Duty Shredder

ShredStar MultiShred Desktop Cross-Cut Light-Duty Shredder

The HSM ShredStar MultiShred Desktop Cross-Cut Light-Duty Shredder is a professional, light-duty cross-cut paper shredder, ideal for any home, office or professional environment. This unit can sit conveniently on your desktop and shreds a variety of materials, providing immediate desktop security.

The ShredStar MultiShred shreds 8 folded sheets of standard letter paper in a single pass, as well as credit cards, identity badges, CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks. Its sturdy drive mechanism is not damaged by paper clips and staples. This is a cross cut shredder that produces a 4mm x 30mm particle size.

This convenient deskside shredder features automatic start/stop function, and an on/off and reverse switch. The 3.5 liter removable waste container fill level is displayed through an inspection window.


  • Shreds 8 folded sheets of paper in a single pass
  • Shreds CDs, DVDs, credit cards, staples and paper clips
  • 4mm x 30mm shred size
  • Auto start / stop
  • Pullout 3.5 liter wastebasket
  • Two year warranty

Purchase Price


Cutting Capacity
per Cycle
1 floppy disc;
1 CD (max. 1.2 mm thick);
1 credit card;
8 folded sheets of paper (80 g/m2)


Paper, Credit Cards, CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, Staples, Paper Clips



10 inches

246 mm


7.8 inches

190 mm


11 inches

285 mm


12.5 lbs

5.7 kg

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