NSA approved for light volume destruction of CDs, DVDs, Flash & key tape

Model 200 Light Volume SpaceSaver Office Disintegrator

Available on GSA GS-02F-0111P
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Meets NSA/CSS 02-02 Requirements for the Destruction of Paper
Meets NSA/CSS 04-02 Requirements for the Destruction of Optical Media
Meets NSA/CSS 04-01 Requirements for the Destruction of Key Tape

NSN: 7490-01-461-6124

The Model 200 Light Volume Office Disintegrator is designed with a space-saving cabinet that is ideal for small office setting, shipboard requirements, transportation units, and other limited space locations.

The Model 200 SpaceSaver Disintegrator will destroy both paper, optical media (CDs, DVDs) and key tape. The Model 200 SpaceSaver is also the only approved office machine that is practical for destroying key tape in quantity (2 or more canisters per month). It will destroy key tape by the handful, not just a segment at a time.

The Model 200 SpaceSaver has a low volume paper capability of up to 5 sheets per 10 seconds of operation. Users with heavy paper destruction requirements may require a crosscut paper shredder.

The SpaceSaver is a high-speed rotary knife mill disintegrator that produces a final waste particle less than 5/64" in any dimension. It is capable of destroying key tape, paper documents, credit cards, I.D. badges, audiotapes, floppy discs and more.

The SpaceSaver 200 has a throughput capacity of up to 100 lbs/hr. It does not come standard with casters, and these must be ordered if desired at no additional cost. Specify land or shipboard configuration when placing the order.


  • Feed Opening - 2" x 9" Feed Slot
  • Motor 1/2 HP
  • Waste Collection - 35 Gallon Vacuum
  • Three Blade Solid Rotor with 2 Bed Knives
  • Quiet 80-85 dB operation
  • Electric interlock between disintegrator & vacuum
  • Time delayed shut down
  • Capacity up to 5 sheets of paper


  • Lifetime Warranty on non wear parts, 90 days labor
  • Vacuum & Accessories - 1 years parts, 90 days labor


  • Bags Paper Collection Bags 5/Case (#750408239)
  • Screen Size 3/8", 3/32" or 5/64"
  • Must specify screen size at time of order

Purchase Price$10,488.24
Purchase Price
CapacityUp to 5 sheets
115 VAC; 60 HZ; 20 amps or 220 VAC; 50 HZ; 15 amps single phase

Shredder Dimensions


51 inches

1295.4 mm


25 inches

635 mm


59 inches

1498.6 mm


575 lbs

260.8 kg

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Price: $10,488.24