The Model 250 Destroyer is also available in desktop and deployable configurations

Model 250C Optical Media & Key Tape Destroyer (NSA Evaluated)

Available on GSA Contract GS-02F-0111P
Price $3,495.00 With Cabinet Delivered

NSA and DoD Evaluated for the Destruction of CD Optical Media
Meets NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 for Optical Media Destruction Devices
Meets NSA/CSS 04-01 for Key Tape Destruction

The Model 250C Optical Media & Key Tape Destroyer is designed to reduce to random particles a variety of light media, including key tape, optical media (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs), SIM cards, Flash cards and most standard “thumb” drives.

This destroyer offers a high throughput, reducing up to 720 CDs or DVDs per hour or up to 70 pounds per hour of key tape, fed in strips or rolls, to random dust-like particles. With it’s newly designed additional 7/8” x 1/2” feed opening, the 250 Destroyer is also capable of destroying most standard “thumb” drives.

The 250 Destroyer features a compact, portable design and operates at 115V single phase power. It offers fast and reliable processing at a rate of 120 F.P.M. and has a quiet operation below 85 dBA.

The unit offers a one gallon vacuum collection and single push-button operation, making it convenient and user friendly. The CD/DVD feed slot will also accept other light materials, including ID cards, credit cards, key cards and floppy disks.

The Model 250 Optical Media and Key Tape Destroyer has been evaluated by NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS specification 04-02 for optical media destruction devices. It also meets NSA/CSS specification 04-01 for key tape destruction.

WARRANTY: LIFETIME WARRANTY on parts, exclusive of wear items; 90 days labor.

The 250 Destroyer Cabinet Mounted Version (250C) comes equipped with a 1 gallon vacuum collection system, which is internally configured within the cabinet. The 250 Destroyer has two additional configurations: A table top unit and a unit integrated in a Deployment Case (Model 250DEP). The end user price for the Deployment Version is $6,804.34, and the GSA price for this version is $3,995.00.


  • Accepts CDs, DVDs and other light materials, such as ID cards, floppy discs, credit cards, SIM cards, Flash media, thumb drives
  • Processes key tape either in roll or strip form
  • Convenient single push-button operation
  • Quiet Operation: Below 85 dBA
  • Capacity: Key Tape - 120 Feet/Minute; CD/DVD - 720 Discs/Hour
  • Shred Size: 5/32" x 2 3/8"  
  • Feed Opening: Tape Feed Slot and 4" Disc Feed Slot
  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • Speed: 120 FPM
  • Operation: Quiet 80-85dBA
  • Collection: 1 Gallon Collection Vacuum with HEPA Filter


  • Optional Deployment Case Available
  • Optional Sound Hood Available


  • Spare Plastic Waste Bags - 3 Pack of bags (part # 75060295A-3A) ($8.45/pkg)
  • Spare Knives (2 Bed/4 Rotor) ($744.63)

Purchase Price


GSA Purchase

Volume Light

Key Tape, Reel/Strip: 120 Feet/Minute
CD/DVD: 720 discs per hour  

115V (20 amps) or 220V (15 amps) single phase

Shredder Dimensions


24 inches

305 mm


21 inches

533 mm


42 inches

720 mm


131 lbs

60 kg

Please note that commercial shipping within contiguous United States will be an additional charge.

Price: $3,995.00Sale price: $3,495.00