MediaDice DVD and Blu-Ray Automatic Destroyer (CE Approved)

MediaDice DVD and Blu-Ray Automatic Destroyer (CE Approved)


GSA Contract Price $5,425.00 Delivered

The MediaDice Automatic Blu-Ray and DVD Destroyer is a desktop destroyer for fast and complete disposal of all optical disc and magnetic (strip) card data storage media. The MediaDice has been designed to exceed NSA guidelines and specifications for CD/DVD and Blu-Ray Destroyers. The machine features an automatic stacker for high speed feeding of large quantities, and it destroys 500 DVDs per hour and 300 Blu-Ray discs per hour.

MediaDice meets the NSA/CSS Specification 04-02 requirements, producing particle sizes with average edge dimensions of 1 by 1 millimeters for complete security. This area is substantially smaller than the maximum particle area permitted by the NSA/CSS specification for optical media destruction devices.

The MediaDice Automatic Destroyer is able to consistently replicate these results through a variety of optical media that includes DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Rays, as well as plastic cards, such as credit cards, identification badges, and licenses.

While other optical media destroyers require a user to remove labels from discs before processing them, the MediaDice easily destroys all labels with no preparation easily. Insert any disc with or without adhesive labels and watch as that disc is entirely disintegrated into an environmentally safe powder.

The MediaDice Automatic Destroyer has an automatic off feature for operator protection. Competitive machines may be too complex or too rudimentary and they require more involved operator intervention. Furthermore, most optical media destroyers shred one disc at a time and have no automated feed technology. Users are expected to manage their machines constantly as they feeding one disc at a time.

The MediaDice is the first Automatic Data Destroyer with an automated feed system, making it the only fully automatic office destroyer available. With an autoloader capable of holding up to 200 discs and an automatic off feature, operation of the unit is simple and efficient. The user is only required to insert up to 200 discs, push a button, and let the MediaDice do the rest. No operator supervision is required and no time wasted--simply return to the machine when the job is finished.

Competitive machines often require an automatic oiling system to ensure that the shredding process remains constantly lubricated. Operators are expected to frequently monitor their machines’ oil levels and, once the oil is depleted, the user has to maintain the machine by purchasing and replenishing new oil. The MediaDice, however, is capable of operating without lubrication, so it requires no supervision, no extra expense, and no continuing maintenance.

Each MediaDice Automatic Destroyer is equipped with high grade hardened steel blades guaranteed to disintegrate optical media consistently and effectively throughout the lifetime of the machine. Competing machines require new blades to be purchased and installed as old blades become worn with usage. The MediaDice is guaranteed to maintain its sharpness even after destroying thousands of discs.


  • CE Approved
  • Unparalleled performance in a perfectly convenient package. Its small and lean presentation allows it to fit seamlessly into any office setting.
  • The lightest, most compact, and most cost effective, fully automatic data destroyer currently available.
  • Destroy's Blu-Ray discs, DVD's, and CDs without removing labels.
  • Autofeeder with 200 disc capacity.
  • Plugs into standard 15 Amp power outlet - no adapters needed.
  • Destroys bank cards, ID badges, and driver's licenses.

Purchase Price $5,975.00
GSA Purchase Price $5,425.00
Process Time 5-7 seconds/disc
Throughput 500-700 discs/hour
Maximum Media Size 4.75" Diameter, 0.05" thick
Media Accepted Blu-Ray, DVD, CD, and other disc technology, also credit cards, driver's licenses, badge-type ID's


21 inches

533 mm


14.5 inches

368 mm


16.5 inches

419 mm


126 lbs

57 kg

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Price: $5,975.00