Medical shredder destroys paper, pill bottles, and labels

"PHARMA-SAFE" 2 Way Pharmacy and Hospital Shredder

Complies With GLB Act and HIPAA Mandates for Confidential Material Shredding/Disposal
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The "PHARMA-SAFE" 2 Way Pharmacy and Hospital Shredder is a versitile shredder designed to destroy customer paper and file records and unneeded pill bottles to ensure the information contained on these materials is no longer accessible. All of this material is reduced into tiny shreds 1/8 inch x 1 1/2 inch in size and deposited into the disposable collection and filtration system. The machine incorporates a paper feed opening 10 inches wide and a bottle feed opening 5 inches wide x 8 inches long x 3 inches deep. This enables the operator to process 20 sheets of paper or 10 sheets of pressure sensitive labels in about five seconds.

This medical and pharmacy shredder destroys all paper records, unneeded pill boxes, and all unwanted pressure sensitive labels. Bottles up to 3 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length are placed in the bottle feed door. When the door is opened, the feed plunger is automatically raised. The operator places the bottles to be shredded into the chamber and closes the door. The shredder automatically processes the material and shuts off when the shredding is completed.

In addition, the machine automatically handles annoying pressure sensitive labels without the addition of any special lubricant to eliminate unwanted plugging caused by the gummy pressure sensitive labels. Both labels and paper are fed into the paper feed slot. Special photocell sensors identify that material is present and start the shredding mechanism automatically. When the shredding process is complete, the shredder shuts itself off to save power and reduce noise.

As the destruction process completely shreds material to be discarded, users are absolutely assured that no recoverable information can be accidentally released from the medical location. The shredded material is collected by a disposable paper collection and filtration system to completely eliminate any dust from the shredding operation.

The noise level created by the machine is less than 65 dB. The drive system is powered by a 3/4 HP motor utilizing powerful gearing and driven by a heavy duty final drive chain. Best of all, the user only need plug the machine in any 120 VAC wall outlet to begin immediate usage - Plug and Play. For more information, contact your Data Devices manufacturing specialist.


  • Flexible: shreds paper, pressure sensitive labels and pill bottles
  • Fast: shreds 20 sheets of paper or 10 sheets of labels in 5 seconds
  • Quiet: machine operates at 65db or less at all times
  • Low Power: unit plugs into normal wall outlet
  • Compact: small cabinet design permits valuable space to be conserved
  • No Mess: unit uses disposable bags with adhesive sealing strip for easy disposal
  • Small Shred Size: limited to a maximum of 1/8 inch x 1 1/2 inch strips
  • Complete: machine will destroy ALL pharmacy waste
  • Replaceable Shredder Assembly: unique bolt-together design permits entire assembly to be removed and replaced quickly
  • Safe: collection bag and filtration system removes any paper dust from operation
  • Low Cost: machine turns itself on and off to avoid using excess power
  • Drive System: 3/4 HP drive motor with heavy duty gearing and final drive chain

Media Destroyed

  • All patient medical records as required
  • All unwanted pill bottles
  • All unneeded pressure sensitive labels

Purchase Price


Media Destroyed

paper, pill bottles and pressure sensitive labels

Operating Time

5 seconds for 20 sheets of paper


120 VAC; 60 HZ
220 VAC; 50 HZ



24 inches

610 mm


28 inches

711 mm


51 inches

1295 mm


480 lbs

218 kg

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Price: $15,000.00