Kobra 300 HS6 High Security Shredder

Kobra 300 HS6 High Security Shredder Level 6

The Kobra 300 HS6 is a high security shredder suitable to shred classified and "Top Secret" documents, equipped with "ENERGY SMART" system with optical illuminated indicators for zero power consumption in Stand-by mode and environmental protection. Approved by many International Governments and Military Bodies, itís also being used by the US Department of States, the CIA and the National Security Agency. A special cutting system can shred a paper sheet in about 20,000 microchips which become absolutely unreadable even if special electronic optical microscopes are used. A double motor drive technology, operating in conjunction with two "SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT", delivers maximum shredding capacity. 21 gallon high quality steel cabinet holds high volume of shredded material. The Kobra "Accu-Flow" automatic oiler is available as an option on this model

Main Features
  • Throat width: 12 in.
  • 24 hours continuous duty motor
  • Two Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears "SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT"
  • Automatic Start/Stop through electronic eyes
  • Automatic Stop with light signal for full bag and open door
  • 21 gallon high quality steel cabinet (capacity of 6,000 sheets in High Security cut)
  • Carbon hardened cutting knives
  • Motor thermal protection
  • Mounted on casters

  • Plastic waste bags (50 pcs./box) part# SB-30 ($55)
  • Automatic Oiler part# AF-300 ($480)
  • 7 OZ shredder oil part# SO1032 ($9.95)
  • 1QT shredder oil part# SO-1532 ($24.95)
  • 1 GAL shredder oil part# SO-2032 ($51.25)

Purchase Price
GSA Purchase Price $2,145.00
Shred Size
.08 mm x 5 mm
Security Level P7 (old level 6), NSA 02-01
Sheet Capacity Up to 10 sheets
Speed 19 ft/min



33.2 inches

843.28 mm


12.5 inches

317.5 mm


17.2 inches

436.88 mm


117 lbs

40.82 kg

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Price: $4,875.00Sale price: $2,145.00