Kobra 260 TS HS6 High Security Touch Screen Shredder

Kobra 260 TS HS6 High Security Touch Screen Shredder

The Kobra 260 TS HS6 high security touch screen office shredder is a unique and state of the art shredder. It has a "Energy Smart" technology which manages and optimizes all power consumption activities. The machine enters into an automatic power saving mode after eight seconds of idle time. This mode is completely transparent to the operator. The machine will automatically and without delay switch to operation mode as soon as paper is inserted into the throat. No delay and saves energy costs. Energy Smart will also shut the unit completely after 4 hours of idle time after everyone leaves the office. The "Touch Screen" allows you to touch the operations screen to activate a host of user friendly time saving functions. There is even a special program for shredding transparent materials such as X-ray films. The TS models will even tell you when oiling will performance and efficiency. No more guessing or wasting oil.

Some additional features the Kobra 260 TS HS6 shredder has are: automatic reverse monitor which activates when an accidental jam occurs, continuous duty motors with dedicated cool systems, two sets of cutting knives for shredding of paper, CD's and DVD's. This technology allows two separate collection bins for easy recycling.

Main Features
  • Meets NSA/CSS 02-01 for destruction of classified and top secret documents
  • Shreds up to 6 sheets of paper at a time
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • "EPC - Electronic Power Control" System: shows the shredding load required to optimize shredding without jams
  • "ENERGY SMARTŪ" power saving system: machine goes into power saving stand-by mode after just 8 seconds and switches off automatically after 4 hours of non-operation
  • "AUTOMATIC REVERSE" System in case of jamming
  • Heavy duty chain drive with steel gears "SUPER POTENTIAL POWER UNIT"
  • 24 hour continuous duty motors: no duty cycle or timed cool down periods
  • Floating head cutting knives manufactured from individual steel cutting blades for maximum reliability and ease of service in case of accidental damage
  • "AUTOMATIC OILING SYSTEM": automatically lubricates cutting knives (standard)

Purchase Price
GSA Purchase Price $1,659.00
Shred Size
.8mm x 5 mm
Wast Bin Volume
16 gallons
Security Level P7 (old level 6), NSA/CSS 02-01
Throat Width 10.25 in
Speed 17 ft/min



32 inches

812 mm


14.4 inches

366 mm


16 inches

406.4 mm


71 lbs

32.2 kg

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Price: $3,725.00Sale price: $1,659.00