Image MASSter™ Solo-4 G3 IT or Forensic RUGGEDIZED

Image MASSter™ Solo-4 G3 IT or Forensic RUGGEDIZED

Product number: F.GR-0070-400A

GSA Contract: GS-02F-0093V, Price $4,049.00 Delivered.

Meets DoD Specification for the Erasure of PC Hard Drives
Drives Can Be Reused After Sanitization

The ImageMASSter Solo 4 G3 RUGGEDIZED Forensic Duplicator is built in a ruggedized case to work in even the toughest environments. It is a high speed forensic duplicator that offers investigators the ability to image one "Suspect" to two "Evidence" drives or two separate "Suspect" drives to individual "Evidence" copies simultaneously.

The RUGGEDIZED version of the IMSolo-4 features the same high speed performance, flexible image formats, and reliability as the original hand held design. Built in a shock absorbent case, it features cable-free SAS/SATA/USB connectors with "slide-in" hard drive slots for Suspect and Evidence Drives. It authenticates with SHA-1, SHA-2 and MD5. The self-contained machine also supports IDE, RAID, and e-SATA drives, as well as a variety of Micro Media cards. All "Evidence" can be saved as 100% copies, Linux DD images, or E01 image files.

All "Evidence" drives can be encrypted "on-the-fly" during the acquisition process to protect sensitive data during transportation or storage. The unit also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet connection allowing users to upload images to Storage Area Networks (SAN) for the purpose of processing and archiving images. Additionally, users can maximize resources by utilizing the Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED as a platform to perform cell phone acquisition utilizing third party applications such Paraben's Device Seizure, XRY, and others.


Extreme Speed: Built to work with the fastest hard drives available, Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED captures, authenticates and sanitizes at full SATA-2 speed (18 GB/min top speed capability, speed depends on speed of the drive). This technology not only allows the unit to take advantage of today's fastest hard drive speeds but also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow's future hard drive speed improvements. Real world speeds of 13Gb/min for Solid Sate Drives.

RUGGEDIZED Design: The new Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED unit comes with a built in shock absorbent case which allows investigators to easily carry, store and utilize the unit in even the toughest environments. The unit is simple to transport, set-up, and store, and it fits easily under a standard airplane seat. An optional Rechargeable Compact Battery will enable the device to be used in the field.

Cableless Hard Drive Slots:The unit features two "slide-in" cableless hard drive slots for the Suspect Drives, as well as two "slide-in" cableless hard drive slots for the Evidence Drives.

Multiple "Suspect/Evidence" Connections: 2 SATA/SAS connections and 2 USB 2.0 connections. The operator can choose either the SATA/SAS connection or the USB connection for each of the two "Suspect" positions. The unit features built-in support for imaging of a RAID drive pair (0,1,JBOD). Optional drive adapters are available for 1.8", 2.5", ZIF, and proprietary Interface/Laptop drives, and Micro Media Formats including Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, and Multi Media card. SCSI drives can be duplicated using a USB to SCSI adapter (Low Speed) or by purchasing the Expansion Box or Storage Box Option (High Speed). Cross Copy Support permits the user to image a "Suspect" drive interace to any "Evidence" drive interface (ie. IDE "suspect" drive to SATA "Evidence" drive). All "Suspect" connections are permanently write-protected at all times to prevent changing Suspect Data (This feature cannot be disabled). The unit features "suspect" cableless insertion for native SAS/SATA drives. One SAS/SATA cable is provided to be used with other drive interface adapters (ie. IDE, ZIFF)

Operational Modes: Single Copy Mode--Captures one "Suspect" drive to one "Evidence" Drive (1:1). Multiple Copy Mode-- Captures one "Suspect" drive to two "Evidence" drives (1:2). Parallel Copy Mode-- Captures two "Suspect" Drives to two "Evidence Drives (1:1 & 1:1). The unit also handles Drive Wiping and Sanitization (Single Pass, DoD Standard, or Secure Erase), Hardware Accelerated Drive Hashing using SHA-1 and SHA-2. Standard MD-5 Hashing is also included. Upload "Suspect" images to Network Storage and/or any attached Network Share through the native 1 Gigabit Ethernet Connection. All processes are done simultaneously with minimal spped degradation. Captures "Suspect" Data from Networked Storage and any attached Network Share. All processes are done simultaneously with no speed degradation.

Multiple Imaging Formats: 100% Copy: Bit for bit copy supports storing single or multiple DD images (industry standard) on a single "evidence" Hard Drive or USB storage device. Users can define the size of the Linus DD image segments. The unit supports imaging to Encase Forensics image file. Optional IQ copy can capture actual "data only", greatly reducing the time needed to make a non-forensic copy for back up or mass duplication purposes.

"On the fly" Drive Image Encryption: Built-in DiskCypher technology allows the full encryption (AES 192/256 ECB) of Forensic Images. The process is done without speed degradation during the acquisition phase.

Drive Spanning: Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED allows for the imaging from one large "Suspect" Drive to two smaller "Evidence" Drives.

Image Restore: Restore a previously captured DD or E01 image to a 100% fully bootable working copy.

Cell Phone Imaging Capability: Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED can be used to acquire cell phones in the field utilizing third party cell phone acquisition software programs. The unit currently ships ready to support Mycro Systemation XRT and Paraben's Device Seizure.

Logs and Auditing: A complete and accurate, customizable audit report of all unit processes is provided in an unalterable PDF file that can be exported using the USB connection.

Preview "Suspect" Data directly on the unit: Preview active files on the "Suspect" Drive utilizing third party file viewer that permits previewing Word, Excel, PDF, text or multimedia (pictures, video and audio) files prior to seizing the date.


Solo-4 RUGGEDIZED Stand Alone Unit
2 SATA 0.5M M/F Cables
1 IDE Adapter
1 IDE Data Cable
1 IDE Power Cable
4 2.5" Inserts
1 2.5” Drive Adapter
1 2.5 Power Cable Adapter
4 Cable Holder Inserts
1 Stylus Pen
1 Power Cord


Purchase Price $4,660.00
Government Purchase Price $4,049.00
Optional 2 Year Extended Warranty $995.00



10.6 inches

270 mm


7.7 inches

194 mm


3.8 inches

98 mm


11 lbs

5 kg

Price: $4,660.00