Copy up to 19 drives or erase up to 20 drives in one fast operation!

Rapid Image 7020 X2 IT Twenty Hard Drive Duplicator & Eraser Series

Available on GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V
GSA Price $10,080.04 Delivered

Product Number:
F.GR-0018-000E: Rapid Image 7020 X2 with two 2.5" drive caddies
F.GR-0021-000E: Rapid Image 7020 X2 with two 3.5" drive caddies
F.GR-0021-500E: Rapid Image 7020 X2 with one 2.5" and one 3.5" drive caddy


Meets DoD Specification for the Erasure of PC Hard Drives
Drives Can Be Reused After Sanitization

The Rapid Image 7020 X2 is a compact Hard Drive Duplicator and Eraser designed to copy one "Master" hard drive to nineteen "Target" hard drives simultaneously at speeds exceeding 7 Gb per minute with a potential of exceeding 18 GB/min. It can also be configured to use up to 4 "Master" hard drives to store images and copy up to 16 "Target" hard drives with no speed degradation. The machine can also erase twenty hard drives at one time using DoD approved hard drive erasure software.

Key Features:

Fast Speed: High-end Processing Power: The Rapid Image™ X2 units come standard with a powerful i7 CPU and are designed to support today’s High Performance drives as well as future hard drive speed improvements, using 6Gb/s SAS Controller technology. The units support advanced Duplication Technology that can perform multiple operations simultaneously, copy and wipe drives exceeding 7GB/min with a potential of exceeding 18GB/min.

High Speed Duplication: Copies 1 "Master" hard drive to 19 "Target" hard drives or 4 "Master" hard drives to 16 "Target" hard drives simultaneously at speeds exceeding 7 Gb per minute with a potential of exceeding 18 GB/min.

Hard Drive Support: Offers native support for SAS, SATA and USB 2.0 as well as 3.0 drives. Optional adapters are available to support IDE Drives*, Micro SATA*, e-SATA Drives*, 2.5”, 1.8” IDE Notebook Drives*, ZIF drives*, and Flash media*. The unit offers an internal PCIe expansion bus which can be used to expand the unit’s capability to support additional drive interfaces such as SCSI and FireWire. *Available for purchase/Optional Adapters Required

User Interface: Uses 8" touch color screen LCD. No need for external display, mouse, or keyboard.

Quick Drive Detection: Can detect 20 drives in less than a minute.

Drive Auto-Insertion Mechanism: Consists of two Drive Dockings and Two Drive Caddy Housings. Both are removable and each can host 8 drives with cable less insertion and ejection mechanism for SATA and SAS drives.

Built-In Drive Coolers with Temperature Sensors: Each of the Drive Housings has built-in cooling fans with temperature sensors to keep hard drives operating optimally.

Run Multiple Commands Simultaneously: The unit has the ability to run multiple commands of the duplication applications to allow flexible configurations.

Download/Upload Images from a Network: Images files can be uploaded and downloaded to a Network Storage Area allowing the user to take advantage of large storage platforms for the purpose of processing and archiving images. With the use of the Optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection, units can copy and upload at speeds exceeding 4GB/min.

DCO and HPA: Unit has the ability to copy hidden areas on hard drives.

Easy Maintenance: The cable-less insertion mechanism incorporates a small, low cost and easy to replace connector board (SAS/SATA board and IDE board) for every slot.

Multiple Operational Copy Modes: IQ Copy, Full Image, Percentage Image, Verify, Hashing Mode (CRC32, MDS to SHA-1, SHA-2) and WipeOut.

Simple User Interface: Intuitive three level graphical user interface. Operational wizard allows user to easily operate the unit. Advance settings can also be selected for low level control.

Remote Monitor and Control Network Application: The Control Network Application software remotely controls and monitors each duplicator that is connected to the network. User can perform all applications, processes and commands remotely.

Software and Windows-Based Advantages:

Multiple Operational Copy Modes: Unit provides modes such as IQCOPY (all allocated clusters), Full Image, Percentage Image (sector copy), Verify, Hashing Mode (CRC32, MD5 to HSA-1, SHA-2) and WipeOut

IQCOPY: IQCOPY mode copies allocated clusters only and supports partition scaling FAT, NTFS, WIN, LINUX, OS10, and SOLARIS operating systems.

Database Option:Statistical data is collected in an SQL database format from every system and drive, including unit S/L, slot, image size and name, drive type and S/N, time and date, operation, and more.

WipeOut DoD: This function is designed to erase all data on hard disk drives to DoD standards.  Sanitize up to 20 drives simultaneously at speeds up to 7GB/min. 

Windows Access:Full windows access for each "Master" and "Target" drive permits easy modification and viewing for any windows application.

Flexible Duplication Applications:Unit runs multiple instances of duplication applications for more flexible configurations.

User Interface:Intuitive three level graphical User Interface (Advanced, Simple, and Wizard).

Operational Wizard:The operational wizard permits the user to easily operate the machine. Advanced settings can also be selected for low level control.

Available Options:

Drive Docking and Caddy-2.5": Drive docking and caddy for 2.5" SATA Hard Drive. Part Number F.GR-0021-900A (cost $2,000.00)

Drive Docking and Caddy-3.5"drive docking and caddy for 3.5". Part Number F.GR-0021-0800A (cost $2,000.00).

Protective "Flip" Window: Protective window protects the touch display for use in harsh environments. Part Number F.GR-0021-951A (cost $95.00)

Status Light Tower: . Part Number F.GR-0021-950A (cost $275.00)


Supply Voltage: 100 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 110W
Operating Temperature: 5 degrees - 55 degrees C
Relative Humidity: 20% - 60% non-condensing
Net Weight: 37 lbs
Overall Dimensions: 21.7” x 14.1” x 8.9”
Power Supply: UL and PSU Certified and Universal Auto-Switching input voltage

Purchase Price $11,500.00
Warranty One year, back to base
Optional 1 Year Extended Warranty $900.00
Duty Cycle Speeds exceeding 7Gb per minute with potential up to 18 GB/min.



14.1 inches

358 mm


21.7 inches

551 mm


8.9 inches

226 mm


37 lbs

16.78 kg

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Price: $11,500.00Sale price: $10,995.00