FlashEx Solid State Shredder

FlashEx Solid State Shredder

The FlashEx solid state shredder is capable to shred a wide variety of media: Smartphones (must remove the battery first, prior to shredding), Mini-Tablets (up to 170 mm width), USB Sticks, SSD drives, Optical Media and much more. The core of the FlashEx is the sophisticated but also solid cutting unit. The sharp teeth catch the media like a claw. Once it is grabbed the cutters will mince it into fine particles. It is cutting the media into 4x15 mm particles, which represents the security level E-3 in relation to the DIN66399. The allocation of the cutting shafts to each other are crushing the particles next to cutting. That combination in particular is the warrantor that all memories are reliable destroyed.

Since the FlashEx is equipped with a single phase drive motor, it can be plugged into the standard power supply in the offices with a 20 amp dedicated 120 volt circuit outlet. That makes it possible to run the FlashEx directly where the devices are located, e.g. at the IT department. The FlashEx has slot to drop smaller solid state media as well as a sliding panel for larger storage media which will be guided directly to the cutting shafts. The user keeps the full control of the destruction by following up through a safety window. The FlashEx starts and stops automatically but the user can also operate the machine with i-control.


  • Requires a 20 amp dedicated 120 volt circuit
  • Shreds SSD Media to 4 x 15 mm particle size
  • Noise Level 65 db(A)
  • Security Level E-3
  • Auto-Safety Feed Opening
  • Capacity per hour: 100 Mobile phones, 500 USB sticks, or 1500 CDs

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Media Destroyed

  • Smartphones (must remove battery first)
  • Mini-Tablets (up to 170 mm width)
  • USB Sticks
  • SSD drives
  • Optical Media

  • Power

    120V; 60 Hz (USA)
    230V; 50 Hz (Overseas)



    22.8 inches

    580 mm


    24 inches

    610 mm


    39 inches

    980 mm


    256 lbs

    116 kg

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    Price: $11,279.00