FD 8904CC "BIG BEN" Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

FD 8904CC "BIG BEN" Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder

Available on GSA Contract GS-02F-0093V
Model FD 8904CC GSA Price $22,850.00 Delivered
Special GSA Contract Pricing
Safety Protection, Energy Saving, Capacity Control

The FD 8904CC "BIG BEN" Heavy Duty Industrial Shredder offers the highest capacity for shredding very large volumes of material, and it will serve the needs of an entire extremely large industrial or governmental organization. It's powerful enough to shred just about anything including entire files, stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, CDs and magnetic disks. This is the machine you need for large volume shredding.

The FD 8904CC Cross-Cut model can shred up to 650 sheets at once, up to 35 feet per minute, with a shred size of 5/16" x 1 1/2" - 3". Features include an LED Control Panel with digital load indicator, Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse and Auto Cleaning, and front waste bin access, to allow for placement against a wall. The newly-redesigned waste bin has two side-by-side compartments. This makes the waste bin much easier to empty with two smaller canvas bags instead of one large bag. The waste bin is also easier to slide in and out of the shredder, thanks to high-quality guide rollers on both sides of the internal frame. The original single-compartment waste bin is still available as an option. In addition, an optional Ouput Conveyor Belt System is available for the FD 8904CC which transports material out of the shredder and into an external waste bin, increasing capacity and decreasing down time between emptying and replacing the waste bin.

The EvenFlow™ Automatic Oiling System is a standard feature which lubricates the all-steel cutting blades, helping to keep the FD 8904CC in peak operating condition.


  • Paper Shredding capacity up to 650 sheets
  • Front waste bin access permits the machine to be located against the wall.
  • Shred Size 5/16" x 1.5"-3"
  • Feed opening Width 21"
  • Processing Speed of 35 Feet Per Minute, includes an auto sensor to indicate full waste bins
  • Auto Start/Auto Stop sensors detects paper and start shredders automatically
  • Door Safety Sensor stops motor automatically if the cabinet door is open
  • Even-Flow Automatic Oiling System included

Purchase Price$27,500.00
GSA Purchase Price$22,850.00 Del.
Feed opening21 inches
Paper CapacityUp to 650 sheets
SpeedUp to 35 fpm
Paper Bin Capacity102 gallons
3-Phase, 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz



47 inches

1194 mm


81 inches

2057 mm


63 inches

1600 mm


1984 lbs

900 kg

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Price: $27,500.00Sale price: $22,850.00