Shipping and Transportation Carrying Case for T-4 Degausser

Shipping and Transportation Carrying Case for T-4 Degausser

This heavy-duty impact-resistant shipping and transportation case ensures your degausser will be protected even when moved from location to location. It guarantees the deployability of the unit, which maximizes the return on your investment.

This case has a solid base on casters and the top of the case clips off and is fully removable. The degausser can be easily moved to the media to be erased. This increases the efficiency of erasing media to be discarded and permits large quantity erasure at a location removed from the computer room.

In addition, this case makes it easy to store your degausser when not in use.

Safety Protection, Energy Saving

Image: Case with top removed


  • Permits safe shipment and deployment of the T-4 Degausser
  • Casters provide easy maneuvering
  • Heavy-duty latch system
  • Durable
  • Convenient and safe storage of unit when not in use


  • Eliminates the risk of damage in transportation
  • Heavy degaussers can be easily moved from room to room within a building or office environment for easy sharing between departments
  • Service companies can easily move your machine for on-site degaussing applications
  • Operator can move the degausser directly to the media for easy and efficient disposal

Recommended For Use With

  • T-4 NSA & DOD Degausser for Hard Drives

Purchase Price $715.00



16 inches

392 mm


34 inches

833 mm


33 inches

808.5 mm


45 lbs

20.45 kg

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Price: $715.00