Hard Drive Disassembly Kit (AML-6KG Paddle not included)

Hard Drive Disassembly Kit (AML-6KG Paddle not included)

Available on GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V
SPECIAL GSA Price $329.00 Delivered

NSA and Department of Defense Certified
Tools provided in this kit permit a user to disassemble more than 60 hard drives per hour!

The Hard Drive Disassembly Kit easily disassembles a minimum of 60 hard drives per hour to enable them to be degaussed in any standard hard drive degausser. The Kit can be used to disassemble any hard drives enclosed in protective covers or cages. The Kit does not include any degaussing paddle, but the degaussing paddle can be ordered as a option. The Kit includes ruggedized transportation case, screwdriver with bits, hard disk distorter, and destruction razor.

For DOD-evaluated hard drive erasure, the top plate of the hard disk drive must be first removed from the disk drive casing using the tools in the kit. The hard disk drive is not reusable after degaussing and must be discarded. It cannot be returned to the manufacturer for reuse. This hard drive destruction technique includes all manufacturers and all types of magnetic storage technology, regardless of the year of drive manufacture.

Features of the Hard Drive Disassembly Kit

  • Ruggedized Transportation Kit--Good for Field Uses
  • Kit includes all tools required to completely disassemble every hard disk drive(AML-6KG Paddle not included)
  • Destruction Razor guarantees the information on the disk cannot be recovered.
  • Hard Drive Disassembly includes all manufacturers and all storage technology
  • Several Types of removal bits ensures application to all drives
  • Complete kit handles every type of hard disk drive.
  • Easily disassembles more than 60 hard drives per hour with tools in kit


  • Government organizations requiring NSA Approval with limited budgets
  • Military organizations needing easily deployable kit for disassembling drives
  • Government organizations with several kinds of hard disk drives

Application Drives

  • Hard disk drives
  • SCSI Drives
  • Full Height Hard Disk Drives
  • Various types of drives

GSA Price $329.00
Tools Complete
Duty Cycle Continuous
Throughput A minimum of 60 drives per hour

Price: $345.00Sale price: $339.00