Model CF-4 Compact Flash Drive Duplicator

Model CF-4 Compact Flash Drive Duplicator

The Model CF-4 Compact Flash Duplicator makes compact flash duplication fast, easy and convenient. It's compact design and efficient user interface allow the user to copy multiple compact flash drives wihout the delay or invonvenience of not having a computer available. This stand-alone duplicator copies 4 flash cards at one time at speeds of up to 350 Mb/min.

This Compact Flash Duplicator offers an easy-to-use interface. It has an LCD display to indicate the status of each task. It also incorporates an erase mode for removing the data from the memory and permitting its reuse.

This convenient machine copies any OS file structure and copies any brand and model of compact flash. There is no speed reduction for copying 4 cards at one time, and this flexible unit will copy one at a time or up to four at a time.


  • Copies flash memory up to 350 Mb/min
  • An LCD display show operation task status
  • Erase Mode available for removing date from memory
  • Stand Alone Operation
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Copies any OS File Structure
  • Copies any Brand and Model of Compact Flash Memory
  • No speed delay for copying 4 cards at one time

Purchase Price


Copying Capacity
per Cycle
4 Cards at one time


Compact Flash Memory Cards



10 inches

246 mm


6 inches

146 mm


1.3 inches

33 mm


2.2 lbs

1.0 kg

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Price: $995.00