1-15 CF Duplicator

1-15 CF Duplicator

Product Number: CF916S


Fast CF Duplicator

The most cutting-edge in duplication technology, the Intelligent 9 series Compact Flash (CF) memory card duplicator is an efficient professional and standalone equipment which can duplicate up to 15 Compact Flash (CF) memory cards. No PC or other software are required, the Compact Flash (CF) memory card duplicator provides a reliable, worry-free copy environment for users without the risk of virus infection. This 1 to 15 Compact Flash (CF) memory card duplicator is integrated with a high-speed compare function to ensure data copy with 100% accuracy along with quick format capabilities.

The 1 to 15 Compact Flash (CF) memory card duplicator is not only efficient in duplication, but also has several smart device check functions such as checking the flash drive quality, real capacity, speed and even formatting the device.

The 1 to 15 Compact Flash (CF) memory card duplicator is an economical solution for data copy and distribution via Compact Flash (CF) memory card. Connection sockets are removable and replaceable in case of wear and tear damage.


  • High Performance up to 3.9 GB/Min
  • Supports CF1.0, CF2.0,CF3.0,CF4.0,CF4.1
  • Can duplicate to 15 targets
  • Can support up to 2TB CF drives
  • Easy to maintain with removable sockets
  • Log report management records all task details
  • Ergonomic and compact
  • Specifications

    Power Supply: 12V Adapter
    Operating Temperature: 5°–45° C
    Relative Humidity: 20%~80%
    Net Weight: lbs
    Base unit Dimensions: " x " x "


    Purchase Price $1600.00
    Warranty One year
    Duty Cycle Speeds up 3.9 Gb per minute.




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