Model 0303 Hard Drive 1.5" and Solid State Shredder .375"

Model 0303 Hard Drive 1.5" and Solid State Shredder .375"

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The Model 0303-HDD/SSD COMBO UNIT for the destruction of rotational/magnetic drives and solid state drives has a 3 HP, slow speed, high torque shredder that includes TWO separate feed openings. One designed for ROTATIONAL "platter" based hard drives and the other for SOLID STATE hard drives/devices. The system uses specially designed saw tooth hook cutters to chew up the ROTATIONAL HARD DRIVES at 1.5" particle size and/or SOLID STATE hard drives and devices with a particle size of .375" wide (small enough to ensure destruction of "data storage chips" used in all SSDs).

The system is clean, quiet (70 to 88 dB), vibration free, and has a small footprint. And, since it is mounted on casters you can literally use it anywhere. The system includes TWO separate waste collection bins to keep the shredded material separate; however, one convenient "discharge conveyor" is optional. This system is made in AMERICA.

In addition to solid state hard drives, the system is also ideal for shredding of data tapes, cell phones, Blackberries, optical media, memory sticks, thumb drives, PCBs and other related electronic storage media.

This unit produces an HDD waste particle of 1.5". Also available in .75" particle size.


  • Up to 12 drives p/minute (720 p/hr) or 1,000 e-media devices per hr *
  • 1.50” HDD and .375” SSD
  • TWO 5.25” w x 2” h openings
  • Integrated discharge conveyor
  • HDDs, Tape up to 1.65” thick and SSD Media
  • Power: 3 HP, 208, 230 or 460V – Three Phase
  • All doors have safety limit switches
  • 43” x 53” x 21” / 1,550 Lbs
  • Warranty: 1 yr parts / 90 day labor

Purchase Price


GSA Purchase Price

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Shred Size

HD: 1.5" SSD: .375"


3 HP, 208, 230 or 460V – Three Phase



53 inches

1346 mm


21 inches

533 mm


43 inches

1092 mm


1550 lbs

703 kg

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Price: $42,842.00