Image Masster Solo-102 G3 IT Hard Drive Data Duplication Unit

Image Masster Solo-102 G3 IT Hard Drive Data Duplication Unit

GSA Contract: GS-02F-0093V
Part Number: F.GR-0159-000A - $1,795.00 Delivered.
Meets DoD Specification for the Erasure of PC Hard Drives
Drives Can Be Reused After Sanitization

The Image MASSter™ Solo-102 IT is a compact, economical, high speed, one-to-two SATA/IDE, USB 3.0 Hard Drive Duplication Device designed as a low cost solution without sacrificing performance and versatility. Keeping up with the latest technology it includes 2 ports for new USB 3.0 interfaces with an average transfer speed of 4.7GB/min. User can make dual copies of a single "Source" hard drive. Additional features include 1Gigabit Ethernet port to upload images, drive encryption, source drive preview, cell phone imaging capability and more.


High Speed: Implements support for SATA-2 3GB/s and USB 3.0. The unit is designed to acquire today's High Performance drives and prepares the user with the hardware necessary to take advantage of tomorrow's hard drive speed improvements. The unit's advanced Duplication Technology provides the capability of performing multiple operations simultaneously. Capture and Wipe drives at transfer rates exceeding 7GB/min. Average speeds are recorded as follows: 100% Capture at 6.9 GB/min.

Ruggedized Design: The new Solo 102 G3 Forensic unit is built in a shock absorbent case that permits investigators to easily carry, store, and use the machine in even the toughest environments.

Small and Light Weight: The Solo 102 G3 Forensic weighs approximately 7 pounds and measures 10.8 x 9.85 x 4.5 inches.

Improved User-friendly touch screen interface: color touch screen display offers an intuitive improved interface with easy navigation including a wizard mode.

"Source/Target" Connections: One SATA-2 (e-SATA connector) port and one USB 3.0 port are available for the "Target" drive position. One SATA-2 (e-SATA connector) port and one USB 3.0 port are available for "Source 1" drive position. The unit includes one IDE Adapter. One SATA-2(e-SATA connector) port and one USB 2.0 port are available for "Evidence 2" drive position. Optional adapters are available for 1.8", 2.5", ZIF, and micro SATA interfaces including adapters for Flash media such as Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, SD, Micro SD, Multi Media card, etc. SCSI drives can be acquired utilizing 3rd Party USB-to-SCSI adapters. Supports copying data between different drive interfaces such as copying from an IDE "Suspect" drive to a SATA "Evidence" drive.The "Suspect" port is Write-Protected by default to prevent any accidental changes to the "Suspect" drive's Data.

Operational Modes: One-to-One Copy Mode - Captures one "Target" hard drive to one "Source" hard drive (1:1). Multi Copy Mode - Captures "Source" hard drive to up to two "Target" hard drives (1:2). Multiple Image Storage - Store multiple "Source" hard drive images using a single "Target" hard drive. Sanitize drives using Single Pass, DoD Standard, or Secure Erase. Hardware Accelerated SHA-1 and SHA-2 Hashing functions. Standard MD-5 Hashing also included. Upload "Suspect" images to a shared Network Storage location using the native 1 Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Multiple Imaging Formats: Single capture: creates "mirror" image of suspect's drive. Linux DD: supports storing single or multiple DD images (industry standard) on a single "evidence" hard drive or USB storage device. User can define the size of the linux DD image segments.

"On the Fly" Data Encryption: Built-in AES 256 encryption technology encrypts with minimal speed degredation all digital data during the acquisition process for the purpose of safe-gaurding sensitive information.

Image Restore: Restore a proviously capturd DD to a EO1 image to the original "source" drive format.

Preview Source Data: Preview source drive's data utilizing third party applications or using the unit's built-in O/S utilities. The unit's preview capability allows previewing Word, Excel, PDF, text or multimedia (pictures, video and audio) files prior to cloning the data.

Windows 7 Special Edition Operationg System: The Image Masster Solo-102 runs on the highly stable and proven Windows 7 Operating System. Unit can be customized to individual organization needs upon request.

Logs: Store and print detail operational Event Log information.

Purchase Price $1,995.00
GSA Purchase Price $1,795.00
Optional 2 Year Extended Warranty $495.00



10.8 inches

274 mm


9.85 inches

250 mm


4.5 inches

114 mm


7 lbs

3.2 kg

Price: $1,995.00