SAS to IDE Adapter

SAS to IDE Adapter


Product Number: F.GR-0039-00A

Provides IDE Drive Support for SAS Interface Devices

The SAS to IDE Adapter supports the use of IDE drives with products using the standard SAS 29-pin interface connector.

The Adapter includes the IDE Data and Power Cable.

The IDE (P-ATA) drives are connected to the Adapter using the Adapter's supplied PATA UDMA cable. The Adapter is connected to the Product's native SAS female connector using the Product's supplied SAS M-to-F cables.

The Adapter is designed to support the IMSolo-4, IM 4000 PRO, IM WipePRO, Rapid Image, RoadMASSter-3 and IM6007SAS product lines.

With the Optional Open Tray, drives are held in an up right position to allow better air flow.

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Price: $125.00