2.5" Host Caddy and Drive Caddy for Rapid Image

2.5" Host Caddy and Drive Caddy for Rapid Image


Product Number: F.GR-4202-000A

The 2.5-Inch Target Drive Bay Caddy for the Rapid Image product line provides 8 drive slots to support use of the standard "2.5-inch" S-ATA form factor drives, "2.5-inch x 15mm high" SAS form factor drives and Micro S-ATA drives using the optional Micro S-ATA Adapter.

The Drive Bay Caddy is designed for cable free operation and ease of use. It is also designed to minimize drive vibration effects and designed to keep drives operating at proper temperatures using its integrated Drive Fan Assembly Panel.

The 2.5" Host Caddy and Drive Caddy supports the Rapid Image product line.

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Price: $2,000.00