MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer

MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer

**Picture above shows the destroyer mounted in a server rack. Server rack is not included with unit. **This is a special order item, can not be returned.

GSA Contract Number GS-02F-0093V
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Now your classified storage media never have to leave your secure server room or facilities for destruction by a third party contractor, eliminating chain-of-custody and other security risks. The Powerful New MediaVise Rackmount Hard Disk Drive Destroyer doesn’t simply make a drive inoperable by folding or punching a few holes in it. The MVR's proprietary 20 ton crusher, and patented corrugated crushing plates, aggressively crush and grind together all the magnetic storage platter surfaces and sensitive read heads in HDDs, damaging every square inch of the media (not just a few holes, or parts of platters folded), rendering all data storage surfaces destroyed and unreadable.

The MVR is tailor-made for data center deployment. It is rack mountable utilizing 9 standard rack units, including the secure debris drawer. Other HDD destroyers have large footprints and typically have to be mounted on a table taking up valuable real estate in a data center, or on a shelf in a rack and may occupy up to 17 rack units.

The MVR-HDD is designed specifically for sanitization of HDDs. In limited circumstances, it may also be used to crush and destroy SSDs making them unreadable by normal means.

Safe, Simple, Hands-Off Operation: Operator safety is of paramount importance to us. The MVR is designed to be completely hands-off and automatic after the media is inserted, all the way through to disposal of debris. The process is as simple as sliding the MVR forward in the rack, inserting media in the drop doors, and pressing the start button. The operator never has to touch potentially dangerous debris with splinters and sharp edges.

Destroyed media fall directly into a locked, secure debris collection drawer that can accommodate up to 25 destroyed HDDs and other media. The operator never has to touch the debris to remove it from the crushing chamber.

There are instances when the operator may need to handle the crushed media such as: (a) to photograph serial numbers or UPCs on the media after destruction; (b) to rearrange crushed media in the drawer; or (c) to empty the drawer. In these instances, the operator must wear appropriate hand protection before opening the drawer.

The destruction process completely changes the hard disk drive physically in less than 30 seconds with a 20 ton force.

The MVR is equipped with an MRV-8 on-board high-efficiency particulate air filtration system (HEPA) to trap any airborne debris particles that could be harmful to health or environment.
The machine is covered by a free one year warranty.
The MVR chamber can hold 1 full size HDD or 2 laptop HDDs


  • Destruction--Data cannot be recovered after processing in the MediaVise Rackmount Destroyer
  • Totally Automatic--Simple, one-button, hands-free operation
  • Completely Safe--Designed with lock-out doors to prevent hands or pieces of clothing from being caught
  • Rack Mountable--Machine can be mounted on a server rack in an office environment
  • HEPA Filtration--Traps any airborne debris particle


  • CE Approved
  • Guaranteed Physical Data Security--Completely Physically Destroys Hard Disk Drives
  • Fast--Rapid 30 Second Cycle Time destroys 120 drives per hour
  • Powerful--20 tons of force
  • Complete Destruction--Media is crushed, mangled, and completely unreadable
  • Collection Drawer--Can hold up to 25 destroyed HDDs until the debris can be disposed of appropriately
  • Longevity-- Crushing Plates never need replacing
  • Completely Safe--Designed with lock-out doors to prevent hands or pieces of clothing to be caught
  • Rackmountable--Machine can be mounted on a server rack in an office environment.

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Cycle Time

30 Seconds

Media Destroyed

SATA, PATA, SCSI, Fiber Channel, and Notebook/Laptop Hard Drives: All formats and types. Cell Phones, PDAs and all other electronics (max size: 4" to 1.25" to 5.75").


15.83" x 28.37" x 18.83"


120 VAC; 60 Hz (USA); 13A:
240 VAC; 50 Hz; 7Amps (Overseas)



18.83 inches

478 mm


28.37 inches

720 mm


15.83 inches

402 mm


161 lbs, 181 lbs. Int'l

73 kg, 82 kg Int'l

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Price: $9,495.00