Medium-Volume Industrial Bursters

Medium-Volume Industrial Bursters

GSA Delivered Price for
FD 666: $12,070.00
FD 668: $13,811.00
special gsa contract pricing

Three medium-volume industrial bursters are available to process bursting jobs at speeds of 15 - 350 feet per minute. Standard features include slitters, tractor feed, safety interlocks, cabinet and a conveyor unit. A power drop-stacker can be added to enhance productivity.

The FD 666 adds 17" form capability; the FD 668 (shown above) adds 17" form capability and an imprinter. Each medium-volume unit is capable of operating 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. The medium-volume series offers industrial quality at an economical price. Virtually all of the standard features offered in the higher end models are available as options to meet any need or application.


  • Burst 15 - 350 fpm
  • Tractor feed, slitters
  • 17" form capability
  • Output conveyor


  • Imprinter, center slitter
  • Dust cover, tri-color ink roller
  • Cylinder for 2-up printing
  • Merger for 2-up forms
  • Extra-wide margin trimmers
  • Photo-cell counter (6-digit)
  • Last form shut-off switch (666 & 668)
  • Imprint modules, power drop stacker

GSA Purchase PriceFD 666: $12,070.00
FD 668: $13,811.00
SpeedVariable, 15 - 350 feet per minute
Form Size2 3/8 - 16 width
2 3/4 - 12 length, up to 17 (FD 666 & 668)
115 volts AC 50/60 Hz



58 inches

1473 mm


41 inches

1041 mm


56 inches

1422 mm


666 & 668: 352 lbs.

666 & 668: 160kg

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Please note that commercial shipping within contiguous United States will be an additional charge. As international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your location upon receipt of your order.

Price: $12,070.00