FD 4170 Cut Sheet Burster

FD 4170 Cut Sheet Burster

The GSA Delivered Price for the Model FD 4170 is $6,579.00
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The Model FD 4170 Cut-Sheet Burster is the ideal finishing solution when multiple forms are printed on one page. Direct from a laser printer to the FD 4170, pre-perforated forms are automatically burst at perforation and stacked sequentially at speeds of up to 140 sheets per minute. No more cut sheet bursting by hand! Features include 5-level speed control, LCD counter, pro-programmed settings for 11", 14" and 17" paper, adjustable side guides, and last job memory.

Pre-programmed cut settings and a new LCD counter make bursting projects easier than ever. No more cut sheet bursting by hand!

Standard Features:

  • Variable speed
  • Up to 400 sheets 20#
  • 4-digit LCD counter
  • Programmable job settings
  • 5-level speed adjustment: 42, 64, 89, 114, 140 sheets per minute
  • Three-tire, top-loading feed system
  • Paper sizes up to 11 x 17

Purchase Price$7,095.00
GSA Purchase Price$6,579.00
Feed Tray SizeUp to 400 sheets
Speed5-level speed adjustment: 42, 64, 89, 114, 140 sheets per minute
Paper Size
5 - 17 H x 4 - 11 W
120V, 60 Hz



32 inches

813 mm


16 inches

406 mm


9 inches

229 mm


56 lbs

25 kg

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Price: $7,095.00