FD 280 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System (DISCONTINUED)

FD 280 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System (DISCONTINUED)

GSA Price for FD 280: $9,195.00
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The FD 280 Double-Head Edge Tabbing System applies multiple edge tabs per piece in various positions, processing more than 15,000 pieces per hour. With user-friendly controls, it has the ability to change between 1 and 1.5 tabs simply by flipping a switch.

A variety of tab stocks can be used, including clear, translucent and paper. Built-in waste take-up spools reduce down time, and for increased efficiency, tabs can be fed fan-folded or from rolls for higher volume. The FD 280 can also be used in-line with other tabletop labelers, feeders, printers and folders including the FD 342, FD 382 and FD 38X.

Options include the FD 280-10 Heavy Duty Feeder, capable of feeding a stack of up to 12 of material to be tabbed up to 3/8" thick, the FD 280-20 High Volume Tab Delivery Module which reduces down-time by feeding rolls of up to 150,000 tabs, and the FD 260-20 Conveyor which stacks tabbed pieces in a neat, sequential order for easy removal.


  • Applies multiple edge tabs
  • 15,000+ pieces / hour
  • Uses 1" & 1.5" tabs


  • FD 280-10 Heavy Duty Feeder: Operators can input a stack of up to 12 of material to be tabbed, up to 3/8 thick.
  • FD 280-15 3' Floor-Standing Conveyor
  • FD 280-20 High Volume Tab Delivery Module: Handles rolls of up to 150,000 tabs, which reduces down-time caused by reloading tabs.
  • FD 280-30 Adjustable Height Cart for FD 280-20.
  • FD 280-40 Adjustable Height Cart for FD 280.
  • FD 280-50 Fan-Fold Tab Stand.
  • FD 280-60 Connection Bridge.
  • FD 280-70 Infeed Riser.

Purchase Price$10,095.00
GSA Purchase Price$9,195.00
Tabs AppliedUp to 3 tabs per pass
SpeedTabs up to 15,000 pieces per hour
Document Sizes3.5 - 9 H x 5.5 - 12 W
Document Thickness
Up to .2 thick
115V, 4A, 60Hz or 230V, 2A, 50Hz



20 inches

508 mm


23 inches

584 mm


19 inches

483 mm


60 lbs

27.21 kg

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Price: $10,095.00Sale price: $9,195.00