FD 2052IL In-Line System with Laser Printer

FD 2052IL In-Line System with Laser Printer

GSA Price for FD 2052IL: $10,688.00
GSA Price for P2000IL: $13,600.00
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The AutoSeal FD 2052IL System interfaces the industry-leading fully-automatic FD 2052 AutoSeal with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop laser printers to provide enhanced document security.

The System's enclosed paper path is specially designed to conceal sensitive documents including PIN notices, checks, school grade reports and health care information. This feature also eliminates the added task of unloading forms from the printer and loading them into the pressure sealer.

The IL System - which includes the IL Pressure Sealer and IL Alignment Base - features six automatic fold settings, a user-friendly LED control panel and the ability to store up to 9 custom fold settings. The compact, powerful design is capable of processing up to 175,000 forms per month and is pre-programmed for three popular folds: Z & Half (all applications), C (bottom check position only).


  • Print, fold, seal in-line
  • Enclosed paper path
  • Enhanced security
  • Processes up to 14" forms
  • Installation: Easy to install, no software required
  • Custom Folds: Stores up to 9 different custom folds into memory
  • Fault Detector: Detects double feeding and any faults
  • Pre-Programmed for 3 Popular Folds: Automatic fold plate setup for Z, C *, Half and custom folds


  • P2052IL: Cost-saving package that includes FD 2052IL System, 18 conveyor and 2 cabinets
  • Locking Cabinets: Fully enclosed for storage (2 cabinets required)
  • 18 Conveyor w/Photo Eye: Allows for neat and sequential stacking

Purchase PriceFD 2052IL: $11,495.00
P2052IL: $14,595.00
GSA Purchase PriceFD 2052IL:$10,688.00
P2052IL: $13,600.00
Fold TypesZ & V (all applications), C (bottom check position only)
SpeedPrinter dependent
Paper SizeUp to 8.5 W x 14 L
Duty Cycle
Up to 175,000 pieces per month
FD Model: 120 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
FE Model: 220 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz



43.5 inches

1168 mm


17 inches

432 mm


16 inches

406 mm


187 lbs

85 kg

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Price: $11,495.00Sale price: $10,688.00