A powerful, table-top degausser for DLT & other high-Oersted media

VERITY V92 Tapemaster Degausser (Remanufactured)

Remanufactured Units

The V92 Tapemaster Degausser has a very high gauss rating of 4,000 gauss and erases magnetic tape cartridges, including Super DLT, as well as digital video and super digital video tape, DVC Pro, 4mm and 8mm, HI 8, Mammoth 2, and AIT 2 cassettes. It erases Exabyte and Travan data cartridges, as well as Beta, U-Matic and S-VHS cartridges.

This unit rents for $200 per week or $300.00 per month, plus shipping costs.

This unit is available remanufactured for $1495.00.

These units have been made 'like new' by the factory, and come with a new machine warranty.

For complete V92 Tapemaster Degausser product specifications, click here.

Remanufactured units are subject to availability.

Price: $1,495.00Sale price: $1,095.00