Erases up to 750 VHS, SVHS, & 3490e per hour!

CDS-105 Dataraser High Speed VHS Tape Eraser (Remanufactured)

The Dataraser 105 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available as a new machine. Data Devices International offers machines completely remanufactured by Garner Products at a price of $1,500.00 with a one year new machine warranty.

The CDS 105 Dataraser features very high speed simple operation and quality erasure. The degausser erases media to its original blank condition in a single, five-second pass. Increased reuse of VHS cassettes, audio cassettes, and other media significantly eliminates the cost of purchasing new media.

The Dataraser uses Garner's proven electro-magnetic coil system specially designed for quiet, reliable operation. These machines are completely remanufactured by Garner Products for reliability and dependability. Erasing your cartridges, cassettes or reels is easy and it only takes a few seconds. Proprietary information is quickly and easily erased before reusing or disposing of media. The Dataraser 105 is specified by the Library of Congress for audio cassette erasure in libraries.

The machine provides 100% erasure on all types of VHS & S-VHS cassettes, data reels, data cartridges, and audio cassettes. Once degaussed on the Dataraser 105, the data is destroyed and cannot be recovered. Best of all, there is absolutely no harm to the media and it is ready for reuse.

The Dataraser 105 is available for rent for $500.00 per month. It is also available as a remanufactured unit at a cost of $1,500.00. Please visit our rental and remanufactured equipment pages for more details.

Data Devices will not be undersold! Government and military discounts. Educational discounts. Volume discounts. Please contact us for special pricing.


  • Fast and reliable conveyor system
  • Security key lock
  • Conveniently operates from a 120 VAC outlet
  • Complete erasure of magnetic media
  • Automatic thermal shut-off
  • Erasure level to -80dB


  • Police Departments
  • Security Departments
  • Media Processors
  • Library Organizations
  • Large audio tape users
  • Large VHS users

Media Erased

  • VHS and S-VHS Cassettes
  • 3480/3490/3490e cartridges
  • 5 1/4" " and 3 1/2" " diskettes
  • 10 1/2" " computer and audio reels
  • Credit cards
  • U-matic cassettes
  •  DC2000 & DC 600 cartridges
  • Betacam cassettes
  • Audio Cassettes


  • Three Year Extended Warranty - $595.00

  • Purchase Price $1,500.00
    MS-105 Magnetic Field Cover $80.00
    3 Year Extended Warranty $995.00
    Gauss 2750
    Erasure -80dB
    Run Time 20 minutes (from
    cold start)
    Throughput 750 per hour



    16 inches

    41 cm


    28 inches

    70 cm


    5 inches

    13 cm


    80 lbs

    36 kg

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Price: $2,299.00Sale price: $995.00