DiscChek Manual CD and DVD Disc Repair System

DiscChek Manual CD and DVD Disc Repair System

Don't throw away your defective, scratched or damaged DVDs, CDs or CD-ROMS. The Manual CD/DVD Disc Repair System will restore discs to like-new condition quickly, easily and at a low per-disc cost.

This compact tabletop unit is neat, clean, quiet and very easy to use. It is ideal for DVD rental stores, optical libraries, disc resellers, CD & DVD disc repair services, corporations, government, military, and all users requiring the restoration of optical discs.

The unit is quick and efficient, fixing most discs in 3 minutes or less. The user identifies the type of scratch needing repair, whether a gouge or light abrasion. Input and output water sources are connected to the unit. The operator then applies a drop of cleaning compound to the disc, and the wet process removes even deep scratches quickly. The exclusive Flat Polishing Technology allows repeated repairs without distorting the disc surface. The user records pad uses on a per-disc basis. Pads are good for processing 50 discs. Each pad is color-coded and simple to install. Please note that the "Sanding" pad #5 cannot be used on DVDs.

Replacement pads # 2, 3, 4 or 5 come in boxes of 10 and cost $35.00 per box. The #1 polishing pad costs $75.00 for a box of 10. The compound is $15.00 per bottle (with each bottle lasting for approx. 500-1000 discs).

Exclusive Flat Polishing Technology
Compare the disc profile chart below examining discs after 10 scratch repairs and comparing the DiscChek Manual Repair System vs. other systems.

The DiscChek Manual Repair Process
Four sanding pads, graded rough to fine, and a fifth polishing pad are used one by one, as needed.

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  • Wet process removes even deep scratches quickly.
  • Exclusive Flat Polishing Technology allows repeated disc repairs without distorting any disc surface.
  • Automatic lift feature eliminates stop marks on disc.
  • Simple push-button selection of repair stage. Microprocessor control optimizes pad speed and pressure.
  • Door opens automatically after each repair stage for disc inspection and pad change.
  • Includes 5 easy-handling disc repair pads.
  • Neat, clean and operator friendly.
  • Ideal for video rental stores, libraries, disc resellers, disc repair services.
  • Improve disc quality. Increase profits.


  • DVD rental stores
  • DVD rental services
  • Disc resellers
  • Disc repair services
  • Music Stores
  • Military
  • Government
  • Libraries
  • All Resellers of used CDs and DVDs

Media Fixed:

  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • CD-ROMs
  • Most Computer Gaming Software Discs

Power: 110 -120 V., 60 Hz., 150 Watts 240 V. AC, 50 Hz. Optional.


Purchase Price$2,950.00

Tower Dimensions


8 5/8inches


14 inches


12 inches


25 lbs

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Price: $2,950.00