Apollo Automated Pro III Thermal Printer--630 Disc Capacity

Apollo Automated Pro III Thermal Printer--630 Disc Capacity

**Model shown in video above is the Apollo PA9E**

The Apollo Model PA7P Overview

The Apollo Automated PA7P print station with 630 disc capacity combines the robust and powerful core engine of newly integrated Publisher NG Software with up-to-date Windows clients. Server components control the systems.

An intuitive graphical user interface of the client application makes the creation of basic or advanced disc labels and print jobs a straightforward process. Additionally, the status of media production and devices can be monitored network-wide.

The networking aspect allows for connectivity into any local or remote network--a small office network or a large corporate environment. Each employee with access to the Apollo CD/DVD print station will be able to submit his/her job to the queue at anytime, and the job will be produced in the order submitted.

ThePro III thermal transfer printer makes quality printing easy and affordable. The Pro III offers both monocolor and process-color printing. It handles most media sizes and surfaces with superior 300x600 dpi quality. The Pro III features secure, durable media trays (which reduces media slipping).

Apollo PA7P Features:

  • PC-Connected (Networked)
  • •Exchangeable inkjet or thermal printers (PA7P comes with thermal printer)
  • Network-wide control of the production process by Windows clients
  • Sticky media separator option
  • Mini & business card CD adapters (select models)
  • User-friendly Labeling software and production sofware
  • Advanced Label editor with dynamic label creation
  • Network-Ready
  • User Notifications via email messaging
  • ** Business Card Disc Capacity is 210 discs
  • *** Reduces regular disc capacity to 210 discs and business card disc capacity to 210 discs

Apollo PA7P Printer Autoloader Networking Software Features:

  • Remote printing (client/server)
  • High-speed robotics
  • Integrated user management
  • Unlimited job queuing w/ job priority options
  • Users can view the status of pending jobs and jobs in process
  • Job priority may only be changed by the system administrator
  • Multiple servers can exist on the same network. Clients simply select the server they want to submit jobs to
  • Built-in label design software allows users to create full color text and graphic labels
  • Automatically processes queued jobs in the order that they were submitted to the queue

Purchase Price $5,999.00
Thermal Printer Speed 10-40 seconds per disc
Max Resolution 300 DPI
Discs Capacity Up to 630 discs


Autoloader: 16.5 inches
8 inches

Autoloader: 419 mm
203 mm


Autoloader: 24.5 inches
14 inches

Autoloader: 622 mm
356 mm


Autoloader: 20 inches
7 inches

Autoloader: 508 mm
178 mm


Autoloader: 55 lbs.
31 lbs.

Autoloader: 24.95 kg
14.1 kg

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Price: $5,999.00