Image MASSter™ 4000 PRO Duplicator with 3.5" Host and Drive Caddy

Image MASSter™ 4000 PRO Duplicator with 3.5" Host and Drive Caddy

Price: $5,500.00

Available on GSA contract number GS-02F-0093V
GSA price $4,799.00 delivered

Meets DOD specification for the erasure of PC hard drives
drives can be reused after sanitization

product number: F.GR-4200-000C

The Image Masster™ 4000 PRO is an ideal hard drive duplication and erasure solution for the mid-sized it organization looking for the all the benefits of an enterprise level hard drive duplicator in a compact and easy to use package. This versatile unit supports the high speed duplication or erasure of up to seven (7) sas, sata, ide*, usb and e-sata drives. through the use of an efficient, cable-free drive caddy system, users can change drives quickly, minimizing the total time necessary for drive duplication or wiping processes. The IM 4000 PRO operates at a top speed capability of 18gb/minute, depending on the speed of the drive. This will easily handle the fastest drives available today and also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow’s future hard drive speed improvements. This unit comes standard with a 3.5" drive host and caddy, which supports 3.5" drives. Ide drives can be supported by this unit with the optional ide drive and host caddy or by optional adapters.

view of unit front
view of unit back
view of unit side

key features:

Extreme speed: The Image Masster™ 4000 pro is designed to support today’s high performance drives. Features advanced duplication technology that can copy, authenticate, and wipe drives at sata-2 speed. this technology not only allows the unit to take advantage of today’s high performance drives but also allows the user to be prepared for tomorrow’s hard drive speed improvements, with potential 18gb/minute transfer rates, depending on the speed of the drive.
Compact size: The unit’s small footprint design saves work space.
Versatile “source” drive ports: flexible design allows any port to be configured as the “source” port.
Standard drive caddies: The unit is available with either a 2.5”/1.8” or a 3.5” house and drive caddies. Both unit versions support cable-free insertion of eight (8) 2.5”/1.8” or 3.5” form factor sata/sas drives accordingly.
Multiple interface ports: in addition to the native sata/sas ports, the unit is also designed with five usb 2.0 ports, one e-sata port and one gigabit ethernet connection that allow duplication of usb devices and storing image files externally. One firewire connection and one fast scsi connection are available with the purchase of the optional expansion box.
Modes of operation: Single copy mode, multiple operational modes, hashing and data verification, wiping/sanitizing, secure erase.
Multiple imaging formats: iqcopy, “percent of disk” and drive images
External storage:Images can be stored externally using shared network folder, e-sata drives or usb drives.
Support for usb duplication:The unit supports duplicating up to 5 usb devices.
Windows embedded standard 2009 operating system (based on windows xp):The Image Masster™ 4000 PRO runs on the windows xp based operating system, providing flexibility and device compatibility support.
Upload and download images to network storage area:Images files can be uploaded and downloaded to a network storage area allowing the user to take advantage of large storage platforms (san) for the purpose of processing and archiving images.


software support: iqcopy: fat, ntfs, linux (option), udf (option), image copy, vhd, hpa, dco (pending development), bad sector handling, multi-image support, multi-language support

optional software:

linux iqcopy option: the linux iqcopy option adds iqcopy support for the linux extended 2 (ext2) and extended 3 (ext3) file systems. the linux extended 2 and extended 3 (ext2/ext3) file systems are the most common file systems used by linux users.

optional hardware:

Optional Open Drive Tray: Use of the Open Drive Tray provides a flexible drive mounting solution for non-standard Form Factor drives.
Optional PCI-e Expansion Box: Adds upgradeability and additional device support (FAST SCSI)
IM 4000 PRO 2.5" Host Caddy and Drive Caddy: Add 2.5" Drive Host and Caddies
IM 4000 PRO 3.5" Host Caddy and Drive Caddy: Add 3.5" Drive and Host Caddies
IM 4000 PRO IDE Drive and Host Caddy: Add Ready to plug IDE Drive and Host Caddy
IM 4000 PRO Duplicator Accesories, Cables, Adapters and Add Ons


software support: iqcopy: fat, ntfs, linux (option), udf (option), image copy, vhd, hpa, dco (pending development), bad sector handling, multi-image support, multi-language support.
hard drive support: e-sata drives*, sas drives. sata drives, usb portable and thumb drive devices, ide drives*, micro sata*, 2.5”, 1.8” notebook drives*, zif drives*, sd series /ms series/xd/m2/tf/cfi/cfii. supports 3.3v devices. * please note: additional adapters may be required
unit net weight: 15lbs (6.8kg)
overall dimensions: 15.7” x 3.8” x 15.5” (400mm x 100mm x 400mm)
warranty: one year parts and labor. optional one year extended warranty.

Accessories for this unit can be easily ordered through the Website. Click on the image below for complete specifications and pricing.

purchase price $5,500.00
warranty one year, back to base
optional 1 year extended warranty $695.00
duty cycle speeds of up to 18gb per minute



15.5 inches

400 mm


15.7 inches

400 mm


3.8 inches

100 mm


15 lbs

6.8 kg

Please note that commercial shipping in the contiguous united states will be an additional charge. as international shipping and non-contiguous domestic shipping rates vary, we will provide a quote for your consideration.

Price: $5,500.00