Medium-duty destroyer for paper, optical media, key tape and Flash media

Model 1012P Disintegrator (NSA & DoD Approved)

Medium Duty Disintegrator

The Model 1012P Disintegrator is now DOD Approved for Key Tape and Flash Media Destruction with a 3/32" Screen.

The Model 1012P Premier is the industry's original disintegrator, and for over 30 years has been a proven, heavy duty, data destruction machine that delivers both high security and high capacity in one machine. It meets DoD requirements for the destruction of all levels of classified paper documents. The 1012P features an extremely large 10" x 16" feed opening and up to 800 lbs/hour throughput capacity.

It is ideal for the destruction of virtually any bulk, non-metal material.

This is a medium volume disintegrator and is recommended for 6 - 10 users per day. Mixed bag waste, including paper, printout, light volume plastic (such as overhead transparencies) can be fed intermittently throughout the workday.

How the 1012P Works

This unit is also available as a rental for $2495.00 per month, and as a remanufactured unit for $11,995.00.


  • Exclusive 5 Bladed Solid Steel Rotor, (7 Blade Cutting System)
  • Energy Efficient 15HP Motor@460V/3/60Hz (European Voltages Available)
  • Safety Interlock Switches
  • Integrated Noise Reduction
  • Single Bag Collection System


  • Spare set of Knives/Standard (#3991016K5)
  • Spare Security sizing screen
  • Spare Plastic Waste Bags (#755BAG3MIL)
  • Disintegrator Maintenance Kit

Purchase Price$24,379.00
Purchase Price
Rental Price$2495.00 per month
CapacityUp to 1,000 lbs/hr
115VAC; 60HZ; 30 amps or 220VAC; 50HZ; 15 amps single phase



28.5 inches

724 mm


42 inches

1067 mm


62 inches

1575 mm


1,300 lbs

591 kg

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Price: $24,379.00