Degaussers: Health and Safety Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines When Operating a Degausser

Please note the following recommendations when using a degausser:

Watches: Remove your wristwatch when using the degausser. Direct exposure to the magnetic field may damage some quartz watches.

Magnetic Strip Cards: Do not place your wallet or purse containing credit or phone cards directly on or above the conveyor belt. Magnetic strip cards are very easy to erase. However, having a wallet in your back pants pocket while using the degausser will not erase the cards.

Magnetic Storage Media: Store magnetic tape and hard drive media which are not intended to be erased approximately four feet from the degausser. This will eliminate any possibility that the operator might accidentally run "good" magnetic media through the degausser, or that the degausser will affect any other media or computers located in the same room.

Placement of Tape and Disk Drive Media: When erasing magnetic media, place the tape or the drive on the left edge of the conveyor belt (as you face the machine) in order that the media may travel the full length of the conveyor belt for quality erasure.

Computers: Place the degausser four feet from any computers or other equipment with magnetic PC boards in the internal workings. This will insure that the degausser will not affect any equipment in the same location.

Pacemakers: Do not operate degaussers if you have a pacemaker.